[OOTB-hive] [ADDONS] What do we want from an Order-managed addonlisting?

Richard Esplin richard.esplin at alfresco.com
Tue Aug 30 21:35:46 BST 2016

It sounds like it was a productive call.

Alfresco has been working on an automated testing system for the core product. It is built on technologies that we can open source and distribute. I haven't received an update on it in a while. However, I don't believe that upgrade testing for add-ons is in the scope of work.

I recently updated the technical certification criteria we use for Certified Partner Solutions, but we are still working on the best place for them to live (probably in the new social hub that will be community.alfresco.com). You can see them here:

In-Process Extensions:

Out-of-Process Integrations:

It is great to see you all engaged in this effort. Let me know how I can support you.



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On Tuesday, August 30, 2016 8:23:40 PM MDT Axel Faust wrote:
> Thanks for everyone who could make the call today.
> Here is what I took as relevant from the session to summarize - if anyone
> is missing a point, please feel free to add:
> - Jeff's proposal of a concept for addon status tiers has generally been
> accepted; multiple variants have been discussed, e.g. Angel brought up the
> idea of a tag-like qualification where an addon could be flagged as
> "self-certified", "verified on latest Alfresco version", "verified against
> abstract best practices", "code reviewed" (in-depth) etc
> - I pointed out the definition of an addon as "anything that adds
> functionality / customization to Alfresco by using standard extension
> mechanisms" in order to potentially remove the question of "source patches"
> (the bug fix project discussed in another thread on the mailing list would
> qualify as an addon because it uses standard extension mechanisms, i.e.
> subclassing, and provides opt-outs)
> - the issue of addon listing should be considered separate from the
> Honeycomb edition efforts, although in practice we may have some overlap
> - the effort required to review 3rd-party addons / foreign code was cited
> as one contributing factor to low number of addon reviews being completed
> - the existing inclusion criteria has been agreed on as a good starting
> point
> - technical utilties / automated checks will be an important part in
> sustaining review activities / maintaining the listing, but aren't the
> highest priority to (re)start the activities around addon listing
> - we should check with current efforts at Alfresco with regards to
> automated upgrade testing (potential reuse instead of duplicated efforts)
> - we have a general agreement that we should limit the initial review
> effort by requiring developers actively go through
> self-evaluation/-certification and register the addon with "us" first
> before we perform any deeper evaluations
> - a translation of the criteria catalogue into a practical
> "self-certification" checklist may be necessary
> - before we can "announce" our criteria catalogue and offer
> self-registration for addons listing under our umbrella we should validate
> / refine the existing criteria using our own open source addons
> - attendees of the call (and other OOTBee members) each aim to have
> reviewed 1 - 2 of their own addons (or lacking own addons, any 3rd-party
> ones) and exchanged feedback on / discussed adjustments to the criteria
> list by the end of October (please set up reminders so you/we don't all
> start the last week)
> - goal is to have the self-registration / self-certification part of the
> listing process available and communicated in "the next couple of months"
> (my suggested target: middle of December this year)
> So, the next steps are:
> - October 31th - everyone: self-review our own addons / addons of our
> choice in the next two months
> -- preferably perform the review in September with enough time to exchange
> feedback and refine the criteria catalogue
> -- suggestion: use the Global Virtual Hackathon for self-review or even
> perform some cross-reviewing
> -- issues / questions regarding the criteria catalogue should be posted as
> soon as possible to the mailing list (new thread(s), not replies to this
> one) or discussed via IRC
> - end of September - Axel / Angel: check progress on automated
> upgradability tests with Alfresco
> - est. November: prepare listings + criteria page(s) and registration forms
> for web site
> - est. December: publish self-registration part of process
> I know we haven't discussed and agreed on the last two points, so these are
> primarily my suggestions to keep us focussed.

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