[OOTB-hive] Alfresco Global Virtual Hack-a-thon 2016

Axel Faust axel.faust.g at googlemail.com
Wed Aug 3 13:02:29 BST 2016

Angel wrote (accidentally? creating a new thread):

"In my opinion, as member of the add-ons subcommittee, is that hack-a-thons
projects are mainly very immature as to be listed.

Maybe is a good chance to put working that “auto-checking” we have to work
on, or maybe during this event we can work on the “auto-checking” tool /

On my case, I have around 20 different addons in keensoft GitHub, I’m
always lacking of time to review and consolidate features. So my criteria
is to list only in Alfresco addons those who are mature enough, and left
the others as samples or base projects. I mean, being listed in Alfresco
addons is required but not all the code should be listed there."

I don't think Jeff meant that all or any projects from the hackathon should
immediately be considered to be listed. The hackathon would be a day of
collaboration that we could use to button down on the review / listing
process - and use one or two sample projects (either from this hackathon or
previously existing) to dry-run through the process, iron out the kinks and
showcase the process.
Any kind of "auto-checking" tool would need to have a set of rules to check
to begin with. As we don't seem to progress much via off-hours
communication (apart from expressing what "doesn't work" or is "overkill"),
we would likely need a large portion of the day for goal-/rule-setting.

I will definitely put this kind of task / project on the hackathon list
during preparation.
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