[OOTB-hive] registry for models and namespaces?

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Thu May 21 19:10:07 BST 2015

I have been reading about all the plans around the honeycomb, addons, distros, etc. And I am very pleased to see this is moving forward.

I only have one concerns which is: as discussed publicly in the past, I am running an initiative called “release agility” which, together with my newly formed Developer Platform team, is looking at changing, potentially drastically, our extension system, module packaging, contracts and APIs. Ideally everything should be backward compatible, but as I am sure you all are aware and agree, there’s a lot we need to consolidate / improve in our development platform, so might need to do some drastic improvements there.

Expect more info in the Developer Blog in the next 1/2 weeks.

I guess what I am suggesting is that we keep a channel open, ideally using Ole as a point of contact (but I am also happy to have periodic meetings), to make sure that whatever you are building is pre-emtpively aligned with our efforts, so that by next Summit we might all have something great to present.

Just a heads up, not meaning to highjack this specific thread :)


Gabriele Columbro
Sr. Product Manager, Core Platform / API, Alfresco Software

> On May 21, 2015, at 12:24 PM, Axel Faust <axel.faust at prodyna.com> wrote:
> I am not quite sure I understand the need for a "registry". I do see the need for what Heiko / ECM4U are doing - releasing/sharing common models for business use cases, so that there may be a standardization in the community. But we already have what we need to do that from a technical point of view: addons.alfresco.com, Maven Central/artifacts.alfresco.com and AMP for registration, distribution and packaging.
> The issue of namespacing is a non-issue, provided developers know what they are doing and do it properly. There shouldn't ever be a namespace conflict unless people are totally unprofessional in that they keep using custom:model or Alfresco namespace. Namespaces are unique to the organization that develops an addon and the name of that addon.
> Namespacing is one aspect in the ADDONS criteria catalog. Maybe this just needs education and a proper flogging in the form diligent reviews to correct development practices in the long run.
> Of course visibility of such model addons within the community could be improved - be it in addons.alfresco.com or on any OOTB listing.
> Regards
> Axel
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> Betreff: Re: [OOTB-hive] registry for models and namespaces?
> I think this is a big need, and I would love to see this happen.
> When we launched the Add-ons Directory (http://addons.alfresco.com), I created a category for content models with the idea that people would share them. But I don't believe that anyone has.
> We don't have to wait for Order of the Bee to create additional infrastructure (though I think that would be great). You can list your content model now in the add-ons directory.
> Thanks,
> Richard
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> On Thursday, May 21, 2015 15:28:53 Heiko Robert wrote:
>> to focus more on stuff we could do:
>> At the moment we are in the process of releasing a (totally reworked) 
>> common alfresco model for business documents. This brings up the old
>> discussion: how to avoid name clashes in namespaces, how to share 
>> models with others, how to make sure they fit with others?
>> Beside the fact that I would appreciate to make any model public 
>> available I would suggest to:
>> #1 create a simple registry on the ootb infrastructure to allow 
>> anybody to register a model namespace and optionally link the model.
>> #2 specify and develop a common model foundation accompanied/governed 
>> by experienced people to avoid all the beginner's mistakes we see in 
>> the field and to allow everybody to just use models if you need them
>> any thoughts, volunteers?
>> Heiko
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