[OOTB-hive] Introducing BeeCon

Jeff Potts jeffpotts01 at gmail.com
Thu May 7 03:25:20 BST 2015

I like all of your suggestions, Richard. Especially the crowd-sourced
session selection as that is one of the more time-consuming activities that
goes into planning.

On the web site and registration, I would suggest keeping this as simple as
humanly possible with low emphasis on marketing/polish and high emphasis on
simplicity and cost reduction (or elimination). Sites like Eventbrite
should be used for registration, for example, as they offer a low cost
solution that includes an on-site ticket scanning app.

The web site should be little more than a landing page that points to

The crowd-sourced session selection could be based on an out-of-the-box
framework. I'm picturing a reddit style site where each post is a session
abstract and then people vote it up or down. We can then take the top X
most popular sessions, and those could be slotted into a scheduled the
morning of the first day similar to how it is done at an un-conference.
(Imagine a grid on a wall and then each speaker, in order of session
popularity, places a post-it in their preferred schedule slot. Once the
spots are filled speakers could engage in last-minute trades based on

In earlier discussions about this there was a concern raised about using
"Alfresco" in the name or branding. As this conference is about "Alfresco"
as a topic, I think this falls under fair use, so I'm hoping you can
confirm that would not be a problem. For example, we might want to say
something like "BeeCon: The Independently-Organized Alfresco Community
Conference" or something more succinct. We simply must be able to use that
word as part of promotion activities so that we can reach beyond the 100 or
so people already on the list.

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