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Hey Boriss, 

I’d say yeah more than forking (WTF = What the Fork ;), I suggest working together on these initiatives. Ole is quickly ramping up in his role and would be able to work more with you on these initiatives from a Developer standpoint (and with Richard from a Community standpoint).

Personally, I think it could be a good idea need to complement the Summit with a more technical focused event, ideally in Europe, where our technical and developer footprint is very large. But might not be the necessarily the only solution: having a technical track at Alfresco days, where fresh content can be delivered more often and more locally than on a yearly cadence, seems also something we should be doing.

For us to better organize internally how to support these events, and to help me better understand what problem are we trying to solve with this initiative, I have a question: I have seen the Community / Technical audience used interchangeably (e.g. it’s an “Alfresco Community Meeting” but the main reason is that Alfresco Days provide "very little technical value”, so I’d like to understand if your focus / interest / audience is:

1. the Developer Ecosystem (cross the Community or Enterprise boundary), i.e. a very technical event which offers content to satisfy the Developer persona?
2. the Alfresco Community members / users (so any aspect of Community, including technical info but also case studies, sales / consulting system integrator pitches, etc.)? 
3. A bit of both?

I know there is an overlap between the two potential audiences, but I do think these audiences might have different problems and as mentioned above might be addressed with multiple initiatives. Personally, I’d rather see us invest first on a Dev event first (but obviously I am biased :P) and then on a Community event, or on an event which satisfies both purposes (in which case though Alfresco Community Meeting might be not the best naming).

Happy to follow up on a separate thread if we don’t want to highjack this one :)



Gabriele Columbro
Sr. Product Manager, Core Platform / API, Alfresco Software

> On May 4, 2015, at 5:54 PM, Boriss Mejias <tchorix at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear bees,
> I'm not a fan of Star Wars[*], but May the 4th sounds like a good day for announcement such as the following:
> We are organising the Alfresco Community Meeting!
> i.e., we are forking Alfresco Summit. May the fork be with you!
> (Oh, I mentioned the "F" word. Sorry Richard)
> Alfresco Inc. decided to organise a single global Summit. One of the main argument is that "Alfresco Days" were good enough for a large amount of customers that won't be able to travel to Summit. We feel that this is terrible for the Alfresco Community, mostly because Alfresco Days are sales event, with very little technical value, and the community wants to discuss technical stuffs and shared their expertise.
> We discussed the idea within the Board, and we all agreed that we should organise a community event. Here are the main ideas:
> Goal: Create an event where the Alfresco community can meet and share their knowledge.
> When: Either September 2015 or March 2016. We don't want to conflict with the Alfresco Summit (Nov 2015). This is a reaction of the community to the direction the Summit is taken, but it is not a boycott. It's bringing an event for the community, which can attend both events if they want to.
> Where: There are three ideas: 1. Brussels, 2. Stockholm, 3, Malaga. The reason why Brussels is first it's because I'm advancing on having a place to host the event with the company I work for.
> What: Technical talks, and a hackathon. Which means that we need A LOT of volunteers to present and to filter the submissions. This is a CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS! The more volunteers we have, the less work for each one.
> Who: The Order of the Bee is the main driven force for the organisation of the event. But it's an event organised by the community and for the community. So, any community member outside the Order is welcome to help and attend.
> Sponsors: We will have Honey, Nectar and Pollen sponsors, instead of Platinum, Golden and Silver. This is of course an irrelevant joke, but we hope to convince Alfresco Inc to give us some sponsoring, specially by sending engineers to the event. So, don't abuse the "f" word :D.
> That's it. Feedback, ideas, and volunteers are welcome!
> Cheers
> Bee Mejias.
> aka Boriss
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