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Sun Jun 14 14:14:23 BST 2015

Hello everyone,

between an intense on-site engagement and a wedding in my family, this is the first chance I get to “contribute” to the campaigning part of the board elections.

Most of you know that I am a very technical-minded person, diving into some of the (unexplored?) depths of the Alfresco platform. I very much like the platform for its seemingly unending capability to either adjust or be molded to the shifting requirements of the business of our customers. Sure, there are always some more or less annoying bumps in the road, but at the end of the day most of them can be overcome.
At the moment, most of the time I can muster for the Alfresco Community centers around the ADDON committee, answering questions and deleting spam on the forums. In the past, I had also started to blog about some of my technical forays but time constraints put a not-so-small dent in the plan to make this a regular thing.

“Technical” would also describe some of the items I’d like to advocate for / try to address when given the opportunity both as a member of the order in general and potentially with a bit stronger voice as a member of the board. Alfresco has generally been open to technical contributions / input from the community (either open or partner) in the past, but from my understanding, the engagement / commitment has either not materialized or not been consistent enough from either one or the other party to evolve into a kind of formalized / regular thing. Instead of pointing at short comings in the past or individuals giving Alfresco employees a hard time, I’d like us to step up and take charge by formulating constructive and consolidated proposals for i.e. changes in handling issues from the community or establishing better feedback loops on planned features/architecture changes, and then continuously and reliably commit the necessary resources on our part to back Community-assigned responsibilities in the processes we end up after deliberations with Alfresco.

There are other items on the “interesting” column and I very much like the fact we are already picking up on the missing Europe summit / Community get-together, and plan to do my best to support this becoming a successful endeavor.

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