Tahir Malik tahir.malik at contezza.nl
Sat Jun 13 20:22:45 BST 2015

Sorry I'm a tad late Bees,

Here is why I should and want to be in the board :).
I'm using Alfresco since version 2.1.something with the cool JSF blue 
interface and JBPM. It's sad to see that it fully left the bundle since 
5.x, but am also glad that I won't have to explain the difference.
Ooh yeah this is not a blog.

So before The Order of the Bee and still: I write blogs, rock on 
Stackoverflow, write cool free Addons, contribute to Alfresco through 
JIRA and sure some other stuff.
At the moment I'm only working with Alfresco as a product and have made 
changes to it in any way possible and still love it :).

At the moment my relationship with Alfresco grows steadily also have 
some good chats with Richard about now and future.
And i'd like to focus more on this and get the relationship with 
Alfresco growing, not personally but us as Bees in total.
So that at least the Bees members could submit code or in whatever way 
could contribute directly to the Alfresco product line.
I mean sure, if I skype/tweet with Dave and say this is buggy fix this, 
he'll probably do it and that's great at first. But you need to get a 
point that the community contributes as much or even more than the 
company itself.

I guess it was Richard himself that shared a picture of Microsofts .NET 
language and that more than half commits come from the community, so 
hopefully we'll get to that point in the future.

So if I'm chosen I'd devote more time to the Order and get things running.

Tahir Malik

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