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Boriss Mejias tchorix at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 00:20:27 BST 2015

Dear Bees,

Here are my lines to convince you I'm a good candidate to the Order's
board, and not just because I (usually) know where my towel is.

I strongly believe in collaboration to solve problems. That's why I enjoy
being part of a community where the peers are eager to share their
knowledge even if they are competitors. I started to work with Alfresco in
2011, and I was glad to see how people help each other in the forums and in
IRC, and how they share what they know with blog posts and talks at the
conferences. That's why I wanted to be part of the Alfresco community and
make my contribution.

Previously to the Order of the Bee, I created the Alfresco User Group
Belgium, where I organized a Meetup in 2013, and a Hacker Room for the
Virtual Hackathon in 2014.

When we realized that things were changing for the community, I helped
creating the Order of the Bee and I'm really happy for what we have
achieved. Apart from being a founder of the organization, I also gave a
Lightning Talk at the Alfresco Summit in London about the Order, and I
organized another Hacker Room for the Hackathon this year. Once we realized
that things were changing for the Alfresco Summit, with a strong impact in
our community, I helped conceiving the idea of a conference organized by
the community itself. In fact, I'm currently working in a cunning plan to
host the BeeCon in Belgium.

As you can see, I'm not the kind of guy who just sit and watch was going
on. I love the fact that we can change things, and that's why I try to take
action when possible. I believe in the fundamental interconnectedness of
all things, and hence in collaboration. That's why I will continue
contributing to the Alfresco community enhancing our collaboration.

aka Bee Mejias
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