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Sun Jun 14 21:16:15 BST 2015

Hello my fellow bees, 

Boriss said that I must prepare a speech and tell you why I should be a Board Member, so let me try... 

Frankly I do not want to be a Board Member. I think that being a Board Member is very responsible job, and Board Members should spend a lot of time moving the Order forward. I'm not sure that I have enough time to take these responsibilities and to do a lot for the Order, so maybe this year someone more active should become a Board Member instead of me (role of the Queen of the Bees is eternal and it's enough for me). 

Let me not to tell about who I am. My profiles and biography can be found at https://ru.linkedin.com/in/okurysheva, http://summit.alfresco.com/2014-speakers/oksana-kurysheva or Order of the Bee website. 

Let me tell a bit about what have I done for the Order during last year: 

- I'm a founding member, so the first task that I claimed was a website. Current version of the website is a result of my work and I'm responsible for all bugs on this website. Sorry. 

- I'm a friend of one nice girl who drew all bees we have on the website. She is not a member of the Order, so I'm like a thread between the Order and our designer :) 
- I handle requests to join the Order. So weekly I read messages sent via the form on the website, search for an avatar and unlisted social accounts, add profile to the website, invite his or her to the Github organization and to the mailing list. 
- I am a Chair of the Marketing committee and I'm proud of our committee! Together with Douglas and Cristina we select and post Alfresco-related technical posts to our blog (http://posts.orderofthebee.org/) dayly and work on the Alfresco-related events listing and help in organization (http://orderofthebee.org/events/). Thanks to Boriss and Richard we prepared a speech about the Order at Alfresco Summit 2014 in London. Also I worked on the OOTB T-Shirts design (https://github.com/OrderOfTheBee/marketing/tree/master/T-Shirts). Thanks to everyone who helps us with this work. 

How I see the future of the Order? 

There are already 123 bees in the Order. But we are still very disunited. The most of the people join the Order and continue to work on their addons or blog posts without changing anything in their life. There are too small number of ways to collaborate and to communicate with other bees. But we will become valuable and significant only if we start working together. We can: 

- develop more helpful add-ons translated to many languages and provide good support for them 

- expand a list of "Order of the Bee"-verified addons (thanks Axel and Angel for the current reviews) and post more tutorials and posts to our blog 
- build and support Honeycomb edition (we finally started to work on this thanks to Martin and Daren), so Alfresco will afraid of us (muahaha) 
- we can organize bee(r) parties all over the world to meet other bees with similar interests 
- determine new activities 

For all these activities we need more people who want to participate in the Order life and is ready to contribute to the Order. And it's a task of the Board: to engage new members and to help them start contributing to the Order. I hope I work rather good on this task. 


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