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Heiko Robert heiko.orderofthebee.info at ecm4u.de
Thu Aug 21 09:23:37 BST 2014

Hi Daniel,

the word your're looking for is Non-governmental organization - and of 
course they are daily practice in many countries, not limited to croacia ;-)

As far as I understood this is no subject of the bees team for today for 
many reasons but maybe covered someday or by another organization. OOTB 
is not a registered organization in that meaning but a loosly coupled 
team of volunteers. If there is a need for that kind of NGO someone can 
found and organize this separately and may complement the OOTB concepts.
OOTB activities are focused on /private /volunteers and freelancers. 
Most of them earn their money as an Aflresco consultant and don't need 
to discuss any kind of compensation. For now there is no plan to accept 
money to organize further development to extend/fix CE, organize and pay 
teams developing stuff full time similar to other  OSS
Main focus is to organize the community of existing and future open 
source contributions to enable a better quality, availability and put 
that in a separate distro: AlfrescBE ;-) - not to support a CE ecosytem

Im I right?
In that case I'm fine with that positioning and we can close the discussion.

P.S.: As a side effect the OOTB team should add some rules to make clear 
who the owner of a contribution is. I mean: if the contribution is from 
and owned by a company the package names should reflect this, if this is 
from a private person there shouldn't be any disclaimber, package names 
which relate to a company.


Am 21.08.2014 09:51, schrieb Daniel Gradecak:
> In croatia we have something like "civic associations", not sure how 
> to translate it correctly. But those associations receive money from 
> the government and are actually non profit organizations. Such a legal 
> association might be good for OOTB and Croatia could be our HQ hehe ;) 
> Kidding but through those kind of associations many work is done, 
> people are paid for that work etc ... I am sure all of you have 
> something like that in your countries.
> But why not doing such a thing? To be honest there are associations 
> that are called i.e. "honeycumb lovers", "flower sympathizers", "Java 
> devs" etc ..., I am just trying to explain how it works here, maybe 
> someone will get new ideas. Even some of the "biggest" croatian 
> footbal teams are civic associations. But that could be something 
> organized for each country independently of course.
> I agree that the all of us will do work in our spare time simply 
> because we love it and some of us will need to receive some 
> composations at the end. Probably finding a legal way to do all that 
> will be good.

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