[OOTB-hive] Organizing our efforts

Heiko Robert heiko.orderofthebee.info at ecm4u.de
Wed Aug 20 18:04:04 BST 2014

> No. The order of the bee does not accept money. We only accept 
> services and goods. 
hou - I didn't realize. I think this would limit dramatically the 
ability to execute, outcome and the work which could be done in time.
I think it would be a pitty if the bee work is just done as a hobby done 
by volunteers in their spare time. e.g. as Jan mentioned: who is testing 
and fixiing IE compat issues. What is the target group the bees are 
working for? Aren't these companies and organisations using Alfresco? 
Who should rely on this? I think it is absolutely essential to have a 
budget to sponsor work which needs to be done and not to focus on 
combining and repackaging free addons in another flavor.

> This was discussed a few days ago:http://www.xtreamlab.net/pipermail/ootb-hive/2014-August/000162.html
I read and agree to the discussion but I didn't understand that the OOTB 
couldn't be organized like libreoffice. They definitly have a budget and 
a funding to run the organization, create events sponsor travels and pay 
people implementing or fixing missing features if there is a need. This 
doesn't mean every work has to be payed but it would allow us to pay for 
work if there is a need to.

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