[OOTB-hive] Organizing our efforts

Ole Hejlskov ole at phpfreak.dk
Wed Aug 20 17:29:38 BST 2014

No. The order of the bee does not accept money. We only accept services and goods.

Once we start accepting money for bugfixes we become a company that does bugfixes/development for money, which is not the scope for the order at all.

It complicates EVERYTHING and introduces a lot of conflict of interest for a lot of our fellow bees.

For now, we accept servers, beer, t-shirts and stuff like that, but no money.

This was discussed a few days ago: http://www.xtreamlab.net/pipermail/ootb-hive/2014-August/000162.html

At some point we start accepting money, but not in the near future.


> Den 20/08/2014 kl. 17.25 skrev Heiko Robert <heiko.orderofthebee.info at ecm4u.de>:
> one I'm missing is funding and finance.
> this team could collect money for the internal work and costs and on the other hand organize bugets/funds for larger extensions/module/solution efforts.
> Heiko
> Am 20.08.2014 16:15, schrieb Jeff Potts:
>> I believe you and Oksana are proposing the following:
>> 1. WEB becomes INFRA
>> - does not include content creation
>> - does include live showcase
>> 2. PSN becomes part of MKT
>> GOV, DISTRO, ADDONS remain unchanged for a total of five committees starting out. The BOARD is a special committee as membership will require elections going forward.
>> If that's the proposal, I am in agreement. Those are good changes.
>> Jeff
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