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@Oksana: Nice! thanks for pushing things forward.

regarding voting & members:
imho we should be more open here - openess is a key! It doesn't count if someone works for Alfresco, an Alfresco Partner or 'Microsoft' :). The goal is to establish an community board that is independent from Alfresco Inc. So if anyone likes to spent his or her time supporting the OOTB it's fantastic as long as they respect the code of conduct, e.g. not acting just to promote his commercial product/addon/extension....

Cheers, jan

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> Am 07.08.2014 um 20:37 schrieb Andreas Steffan <a.steffan at contentreich.de>:
>> On 08/04/2014 08:33 AM, Oksana Kurysheva wrote:
>> 4. Members
>> 4.1. Who are the members?
>> I added the information about all people who sent at least one message
>> to this mailing list. If you don't want to be published as a member of
>> the Order, please reply to this message. If I forgot someone (and I'm
>> sure I did), please don't be offended, just reply this message and
>> tell that you are in.
>> I added Richard as a "Candidate". On the one hand he is our contact in
>> Alfresco and active member of the community. On the other hand he
>> works for Alfresco and cannot be a member as far as we are
>> "independent". Richard can become a "member" after he leaves Alfresco
>> Inc. ;)
>> Joking aside - here we are to discuss the positioning of the Order.
>> Can we take Alfresco employees to the Order if they are active in the
>> community? What is the selection criteria? Fedora / Red Hat experience
>> shows that it's ok to have vendor employees in the community. However,
>> it also shows that it's really bad if the community is silently
>> dominated by vendor employees. May be we can have two explicit
>> sections in 'Members' area - 'Independent members' and 'Alfresco Inc
>> employees'.
> Ok, so it seems Alfresco employees need to be treated special as they
> cannot be seen as independent.
> How are partner employees different?
> Is the mission stated on the website compatible with Alfresco/Partner
> employees?
> After reading the mission as a customer, I would assume to find people
> helping me with the CE here. Does that fit into context ?
> Maybe Doug should be asked what Alfresco Inc. thinks about OOTB and how
> it would like it to be.
> regards
> Andreas
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