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Wow! A lot of people making good comments ha ha ha

I´m agree with Boriss, it is better to have one summary for the next office
hours and also I think that it is good idea, as I´ve mentioned on my
previous comment, to have one conversation where we can establish point by
point the bases of our group.

I am having a lot of work during these months but I will try to keep myself
informed. In advanced, sorry if I can not reply as quick as I want.

Cheers from Belgium,


2014-08-08 15:31 GMT+02:00 Boriss Mejias <tchorix at gmail.com>:

> On 8 August 2014 15:22, David Webster <david.webster at alfresco.com> wrote:
>>  On 8 Aug 2014, at 13:47, Oksana Kurysheva <okurysheva at gmail.com> wrote:
>>  I thought about this collision of interest. As it was several years
>> ago: Alfresco built an ecosystem around Alfresco Enterprise. And it was a
>> feature. There was no ecosystem around Community. All tries of creating an
>> ecosystem were killed by Alfresco Inc. because it was a collision of
>> interests. But now Alfresco is too enterprise to see a threat in our Order.
>> Yes, we want to build a small ecosystem around Alfresco Community. But we
>> are on the different markets with Alfresco Inc. and we don't want to earn
>> money on this "building". We just want to make easier to use Alfresco
>> Community edition and free extensions, to find a freelancer for small
>> companies who will never pay to Alfresco Inc. And existence of the Order is
>> still a good free marketing for Alfresco. Do you agree with me? Any
>> comments from Richard, David, other Alfresco employees? I hope that Doug
>> and Alfresco Sales understand this position.
>>  Personally, I don't see how the Community Edition can be a threat to
>> Enterprise sales - as far as I can see, the size of organisations that
>> would consider Community and the size we're targeting for Enterprise aren't
>> likely to have much overlap. As Alfresco grows, that overlap gets smaller.
>> If the Community can increase the buzz around Alfresco in general and
>> provide feedback that helps us continue producing a stable, extensible
>> platform then I'd say it can only help sales.
> OK with this. But is this really the opinion of sales? or the opinion of
> Alfresco management? are they really convinced about this? Do they see
> community edition only as a "trial" or "evaluation" of enterprise edition?
>>  The office hours session with Doug should be a good opportunity to get
>> feedback from him on topics such as this.
> Indeed. I'll try to summarized a list of questions for next office hours.
> It's a very important opportunity to understand what the community should
> expect from Alfresco in the mid and long term.
> cheers
> Boriss
>>  David.
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