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I'm with you again. Thanks a lot for all replies. Some comments from my

*The single most important thing that needs to be done before inviting
> people or letting people sign up is to define what this group is for in a
> way that everyone agrees on. It seems very blurry at the moment. Once
> that's clarified and made public, we can start pushing people to the site
> to learn more and then they can sign up (or whatever the process is
> supposed to be).*

Jeff, we try to put all our activities and links to them in one place --
http://orderofthebee.github.io/#activities. Current version is very dirty.
If you can add new activites, review current summaries and/or start working
on any of these activities -- it would be cool! Another question is 'our
mission' still, because "to guarantee the existence of Alfresco Community
edition" is a little bit strange. Of course we should do a lot before we
can invite people.

*I agree with Cristina that a coordinating call of some sort would go a
> long way.*

What do you suggest? I'm ready to participate the call in any time starting
next week. Maybe we should just create a private event on G+ for it and
invite members, because I'm not sure that all people subscribed to this
mailing list really read it.

*> I am confused about why this site needs to list add-ons when
> addons.alfresco.com <http://addons.alfresco.com>
> <http://addons.alfresco.com <http://addons.alfresco.com>> already exists.*

*I don't think the idea is to replace addons.alfresco but it is very poorly
> organised and I think our idea is more like curating a "greatest hits
> compilation" or something like that*

+1. There are many different collections of addons (share-extras for
example), why cannot we create one more?
Of course links from our "honeycomb" should lead to addons website. But we
should select addons that we are ready to test, to which we are ready to
write tutorials if developers didn't do it etc.

For example, I like JIRA integration dashlet, that Simon implemented for
Alfresco 3.4 (https://github.com/sbuckle/JIRA-Dashlet). Now I'm working on
making it alive on 4.2. After I complete it, I'll use it myself on my
internal Alfresco, so I'll be ready to test it on new Alfresco versions,
update tutorial etc. If others agree, I would like to put it to the

But first of all we should create a list of criterias how to select addons,
that are the greatest hits. Should they have a curator in the Order who
communicates with the developer regularly? Should developer create tests to
check addons on new Alfresco versions automatically?

*detailed About Us *

Boriss suggested an update for "About Us" section (
Jeff and Martin also liked the idea to provide more details on who we are
and what we are doing. I'll try to bring together all our thoughts and
create a special "About" page (the second page on the website) during the


Too many opinions. Now I want to organize a call or a chat with all of us
too :)

Even though I don't see a lot of  agreement in the community in general, I
> am sure it's still safe to assume everybody running the CE would appreciate
> bugfixes and support. I assume that most small businesses running CE have
> somebody who can at least fix basic issues with code. I am one of those
> guys, and I would really appreciate if the community would join forces
> here. Trouble is that bugfixes and support  are subject of  the EE and this
> might end up in a collision of interests.

I thought about this collision of interest. As it was several years ago:
Alfresco built an ecosystem around Alfresco Enterprise. And it was a
feature. There was no ecosystem around Community. All tries of creating an
ecosystem were killed by Alfresco Inc. because it was a collision of
interests. But now Alfresco is too enterprise to see a threat in our Order.
Yes, we want to build a small ecosystem around Alfresco Community. But we
are on the different markets with Alfresco Inc. and we don't want to earn
money on this "building". We just want to make easier to use Alfresco
Community edition and free extensions, to find a freelancer for small
companies who will never pay to Alfresco Inc. And existence of the Order is
still a good free marketing for Alfresco. Do you agree with me? Any
comments from Richard, David, other Alfresco employees? I hope that Doug
and Alfresco Sales understand this position.


On Fri, Aug 8, 2014 at 11:16 AM, David Webster <david.webster at alfresco.com>

> On 7 Aug 2014, at 19:37, Andreas Steffan <a.steffan at contentreich.de>
> wrote:
> >
> > Ok, so it seems Alfresco employees need to be treated special as they
> > cannot be seen as independent.
> Hello everyone,
> Richard pointed me to this fantastic effort yesterday, so I joined the
> list to see what is going on, and offer any support I can. I agree that
> Alfresco employees can't be independent, but we can hopefully offer help,
> insight and also promote the Order internally within Engineering and the
> wider company.
> If I may, I'll lurk here and offer what help I can.
> The Alfresco Community is brilliant and is essential to the company's
> continued success; the fact that this group has started up is a definite
> sign of its strength, well done on starting it.
> David.
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