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On 8 Aug 2014, at 13:47, Oksana Kurysheva <okurysheva at gmail.com<mailto:okurysheva at gmail.com>> wrote:
I thought about this collision of interest. As it was several years ago: Alfresco built an ecosystem around Alfresco Enterprise. And it was a feature. There was no ecosystem around Community. All tries of creating an ecosystem were killed by Alfresco Inc. because it was a collision of interests. But now Alfresco is too enterprise to see a threat in our Order. Yes, we want to build a small ecosystem around Alfresco Community. But we are on the different markets with Alfresco Inc. and we don't want to earn money on this "building". We just want to make easier to use Alfresco Community edition and free extensions, to find a freelancer for small companies who will never pay to Alfresco Inc. And existence of the Order is still a good free marketing for Alfresco. Do you agree with me? Any comments from Richard, David, other Alfresco employees? I hope that Doug and Alfresco Sales understand this position.

Personally, I don't see how the Community Edition can be a threat to Enterprise sales - as far as I can see, the size of organisations that would consider Community and the size we're targeting for Enterprise aren't likely to have much overlap. As Alfresco grows, that overlap gets smaller. If the Community can increase the buzz around Alfresco in general and provide feedback that helps us continue producing a stable, extensible platform then I'd say it can only help sales.

The office hours session with Doug should be a good opportunity to get feedback from him on topics such as this.


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