[OOTB-hive] Status update

Andreas Steffan a.steffan at contentreich.de
Thu Aug 7 19:37:55 BST 2014

On 08/04/2014 08:33 AM, Oksana Kurysheva wrote:
> 4. Members
> 4.1. Who are the members?
> I added the information about all people who sent at least one message
> to this mailing list. If you don't want to be published as a member of
> the Order, please reply to this message. If I forgot someone (and I'm
> sure I did), please don't be offended, just reply this message and
> tell that you are in.
> I added Richard as a "Candidate". On the one hand he is our contact in
> Alfresco and active member of the community. On the other hand he
> works for Alfresco and cannot be a member as far as we are
> "independent". Richard can become a "member" after he leaves Alfresco
> Inc. ;)
> Joking aside - here we are to discuss the positioning of the Order.
> Can we take Alfresco employees to the Order if they are active in the
> community? What is the selection criteria? Fedora / Red Hat experience
> shows that it's ok to have vendor employees in the community. However,
> it also shows that it's really bad if the community is silently
> dominated by vendor employees. May be we can have two explicit
> sections in 'Members' area - 'Independent members' and 'Alfresco Inc
> employees'.

Ok, so it seems Alfresco employees need to be treated special as they
cannot be seen as independent.

How are partner employees different?

Is the mission stated on the website compatible with Alfresco/Partner

After reading the mission as a customer, I would assume to find people
helping me with the CE here. Does that fit into context ?

Maybe Doug should be asked what Alfresco Inc. thinks about OOTB and how
it would like it to be.


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