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Heiko Robert heiko.orderofthebee.info at ecm4u.de
Mon Jan 16 16:46:57 GMT 2017

sorry - made the same mistake like Axel.
One should always use "reply to all" in the list ;-)

Am 16.01.2017 um 17:18 schrieb Heiko Robert:
> Hi Ludwig David,
> before you compare apple and organges:
> What is the expected use case of your customer?
> Nobody said AWS is cheap. S3 is flexible high available but not cheap.
> This group may be the wrong place to discuss AWS pricing. Take a look on
> classic hosters as Heimo suggested and request their pricing for mass
> storage (NFS or iSCSI as equivalent to S3). Depending on the service
> (backup, bandwidth, HA) this may be much cheaper.
> If your customer just looks for a (cheap) replacement to dropbox I
> wouldn't go with Alfresco. You'll get functionality and complexity you
> may not need and which someone has to handle and to pay for or you miss
> the robust sync functionallity known from dropbox. Nextcloud and Qnap
> may be better in that discipline having a fraction of complexity
> compared to Alfresco.
> If you and your customer decided that Alfresco (running as a dedicated
> system) is the right platform because you want the functionallity and
> extensibility you should expect higher total costs than the dropbox offer.
> Regards
> Heiko
> Am 13.01.2017 um 12:57 schrieb L. David Zuluaga Botero:
>> Hi Everyone! 
>> I've just joined the order and am awaiting acceptance in the marketing
>> comitee. Pretty excited to be here!
>> I would like to have some guidance in using the Alfresco CE on Amazon
>> Web Services.
>> I've got a huge issue with Alfresco storage pricing, I have a potential
>> case on the installation in which we've been working, to migrate 30 tb
>> of info to Alfresco on AWS. I made the calculations of the machine with
>> standard storage of 2 tb and storage ia of 28 tb and the server is
>> around 900 usd per month. How can this be so expensive?
>> The user was previously using dropbox with accounts of around 15 USD
>> with unlmited storage,, and they are 20 users, so it was 300 usd at
>> most. But with alfresco on Amazon this prices will triple.
>> This case is for S3 storage, and I cannot find proper information about
>> connecting Alfresco CE in AWS.
>> Any help will be greatly appreciated,
>> Thanks!
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