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Douglas C. R. Paes douglascrp at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 20:35:21 GMT 2017

I won't participate on this as I'm traveling.
I hope you guys share a summary somewhere.

Em qua, 4 de jan de 2017 18:30, Axel Faust <axel.faust.g at googlemail.com>

> Happy mandatory new year everyone,
> a short update on the quest for volunteers: counting myself we currently
> have four people interested in being core maintainers and two that want to
> chip in in the localisation area. This meets the minimum that I have set
> out initially. We are already planning to get together in a kind of
> kick-off session tentatively planned this Friday.
> If anyone else has interest in participating as a maintainer in that
> project, feel free to respond at any time. If it is before Friday around
> 15:00 / 3 pm UTC we could include you in the web session.
> On 21 December 2016 at 16:59, Axel Faust <axel.faust.g at googlemail.com>
> wrote:
> Since I did communicate a date / deadline in the initial mail I will be
> open for (and respond to) additional replies until then.
> If we have our minimum of volunteers (it looks good so far) when I get
> back from the holiday week at home, I'll likely start with some preparatory
> tasks right then (i.e. setup Gitter for volunteers/maintainer team,
> prepare/organise access to Maven Central, setup GitHub team etc). I may
> also check if/how we could use one of the localization-oriented sites to
> simplify that aspect and allow easier participation that way (similar to
> the language pack community for Alfresco). January might then be used to
> transfer ownership, publish first release (basically as-is state as
> "release candidate"), organise collaboration within the maintainer team and
> map out any actions for a first "real" release.
> On 21 December 2016 at 15:32, Bindu Wavell <bindu at wavell.net> wrote:
> OK,
> Given that I would be like to be on the maintainer team for this support
> tools project...
> Here are some of my qualifications for a position:
> - Have a good sense of what will help folks support their implementations;
> I provide level 1 Alfresco support for a number of companies
> - Have experience creating and maintaining open source projects; e.g.
> created and maintain generator-alfresco
> - Experienced with technical mentoring; can help new team members provide
> valuable contributions
> - Have a solid understanding of how to customize Alfresco; in many cases
> I'm opinionated about the right and wrong ways of doing things (this could
> be a detractor, but I hope I'm also pragmatic and rational ;) )
> - US time zone coverage (this could also be a detractor ;) )
> Here are my concerns:
> - Minimal experience with community edition; specifically don't know a ton
> about differences with enterprise (other than the obvious stuff like
> clustering)
> - Not much experience with localization
> - Not much experience with complex net-new Web based UI stuff like canvases
> I'm sure neither of these lists is comprehensive. Having said that I feel
> I could add value to the project and I could dedicate at least 1 to 2 hours
> per week on this project.
> If you are interested in my participation, how would you like to proceed?
> --
> Bindu Wavell
> From: Axel Faust <axel.faust.g at googlemail.com>
> <axel.faust.g at googlemail.com>
> Reply: Axel Faust <axel.faust.g at googlemail.com>
> <axel.faust.g at googlemail.com>
> Date: December 21, 2016 at 4:48:57 AM
> To: Bindu Wavell <bindu at wavell.net> <bindu at wavell.net>
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> Subject:  Re: [OOTB-hive] Volunteers wanted - Maintaining Community
> Support Tools
> Hi all,
> I wanted to keep the initial mail short since I already have a tendency to
> write longer mails than most people, so didn't include the tasks of a
> maintainer in the hope there is a common understanding. Also, I didn't want
> to scare anyone with my personal hopes / aspirations for community
> ownership - it is a process that the team of core maintainers for this
> project would pioneer and in some regards have to figure out how they can
> handle it in a sensible way.
> With that in mind: personally, I would expect / like the team of core
> maintainers to:
> - review / respond to issues, enhancement requests or PRs in a somewhat
> timely manner (open source project => no SLO but I would like to aim for
> 7-14 day limit for first reply)
> - reproduce issues / help reporters work around them and plan long term
> resolution (again, no SLO but it would be great if identified issues are
> either resolved or at least provided with a workaround in 1-3 months)
> - plan, assign, perform and track implementation tasks
> -- implementation may be done by others but core maintainers review /
> decide what is merged into main line
> -- localisation (as brought up by Angel and Douglas) would be an
> implementation task to be planned/assigned everytime a new feature is added
> with basic English I18n
> -- potentially recruit / support other community members that want to
> collaborate to lighten the load / share responsibilities
> - test / verify compatibility with new Alfresco releases, and plan any
> actions needed to achieve compatibility (again, no SLO but I would like to
> aim for 3-6 month limit for compatibility with new version unless major
> obstacles are found - for Community Support Tools I will check Alfresco 5.2
> compatibility over the holiday season and expect at most 1-2 hours effort)
> - generally be first contact for community members that have questions
> about the addon
> I hope that doesn't scare too many of you...
> Regards
> Axel
> On 21 December 2016 at 06:41, Bindu Wavell <bindu at wavell.net> wrote:
> Hi Axel,
> What would you expect from a maintainer of this add-on? I'm very
> interested in this work :) I'd like to see it owned by the community and I
> think this idea of having multiple maintainers makes a lot of sense.
> On Dec 20, 2016 at 2:43 AM, Axel Faust <axel.faust.g at googlemail.com>
> wrote:
> Yes, for the time being this is for this particular project. I do consider
> this a prototype / test bed though for when we may discuss / consider other
> projects and/or formalising requirements.
> On 20 December 2016 at 08:46, Lanre Abiwon <el_gigantes at hotmail.co.uk>
> wrote:
> Just to be clear, you’re asking for a minimum of 3 core maintainers for
> the support tools project.
> Not as the required minimum to host a project under the OOTBee?
> I agree with Martin if it turns out to be the latter. If it is the former
> then 3 is a good start
> and perhaps aspire to add more.
> Lanre Abiwon
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