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@Tahir: Regarding the chart, you might want to check again using a
device with a bigger screen.


On 05/30/2015 02:46 AM, Richard Esplin wrote:
> Final follow-up on this topic.
> The Product Marketing team posted some updated pages. Most of the changes are 
> at this URL:
> https://www.alfresco.com/try-alfresco-download-alfresco-or-demo-alfresco-online-now
> They also removed the comparison chart from here:
> https://www.alfresco.com/products/community
> And the really old comparison page now redirects to the updated comparison:
> https://www.alfresco.com/products/community-vs-alfresco-one
> I like the changes. I think having Community Edition correctly represented on 
> the download page will increase usage of that product. I want to emphasize how 
> collaborative our marketing team has been through this process.
> In the interest of full disclosure, I was constrained to point out that they 
> missed some Enterprise-only functionality around clustering, proprietary 
> databases, proprietary app-servers, Mobile Device Management, and mobile 
> encryption. So if they add more lines with only one check, you should blame me 
> instead of our marketing department.
> Cheers,
> Richard
> On Tuesday, May 26, 2015 09:48:49 Richard Esplin wrote:
>> I want to report back on the original topic of the comparison page.
>> I scheduled a meeting last Friday with the Product Marketing team to share
>> your feedback. I learned a few things:
>> * The Product Marketing team reads this list, and was aware of your feedback
>> on the page. They appreciated the input and were very responsive to the
>> concerns you raised.
>> * The product pages on the web site are currently undergoing a round of
>> revision, and the product comparison table is getting attention.
>> * The entire team understands the importance of not turning anyone off of
>> any of our products.
>> * Before the OOTBee conversation, they had decided that the page's visual
>> design with the red marks looked too negative, and the current mock-ups
>> improve that design element.
>> * The team tried to shorten and simplify the chart, but the content is
>> pretty much the same.
>> * It looks like the team had already come to the many of the same
>> conclusions as this group, and I didn't see any further changes that were
>> necessary. (That might not mean much, since I helped create the old chart.
>> I hope you ascribe that to a lack of visual talent, rather than malice.)
>> * They are hoping to get the new pages online within the next few weeks.
>> * We will continue to listen to your feedback, and make changes where
>> appropriate. The specific suggestions are the most useful because they are
>> actionable.
>> Many of you know Paul Hampton, who is our senior product marketer. He has
>> been on the team for a very long time, and is a big advocate for Community
>> Edition. We have hired a number of new members to that team, and I enjoyed
>> meeting them. I was impressed with their understanding of the open source
>> business model, and they have made it a goal to increase the adoption of
>> the Community Edition product. It was a good conversation, and I look
>> forward to working with them more.
>> I was supposed to send this email on Friday, but (as you saw) I got
>> distracted with the broader conversations on this list. <grin>
>> Thanks,
>> Richard
>>> to me it seems the actual "them" is the marketing department. And "we" are
>>> not really taking "their" page seriously, arguing that people like "us"
>>> easily see beyond. I doubt the average visitor matches "our" demographic
>>> profile. It's ok and I can live with that easily -  and without any anger.
>>> Really.
>>> have a nice weekend
>>> Andreas
>>> Andreas Steffan
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>>>> On 21/05/15 09:59, Andreas Steffan wrote:
>>>> Hallo everybody,
>>>> I can't help myself, but the CE looks pretty bad at
>>>> https://www.alfresco.com/products/community-vs-alfresco-one to me (red
>>>> all over the place).
>>>> Seriously: Imagine you are a somewhat clueless prospect on that page
>>>> which
>>>> reads " Ready to get started? Download the edition that is right for
>>>> you.".
>>>> Would you want to give the CE a try?
>>>> regards
>>>> Andreas
>>>> --
>>>> Andreas Steffan
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