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Mark Stang markjstang at gmail.com
Fri May 22 20:33:16 BST 2015

I was a bit shocked to see all the wiki pages marked as Obsolete.  I asked
an "Alfresco Insider" who informed me that:

Richard marked every wiki page obsolete. He is hoping people will either
clear that tag on good pages or mark the ones that need work but should be

I don't know if the CMIS stuff was moved to docs or not.

Some of it is obviously out-of-date and has been for awhile.  The rest is
still current AFAIK.  So, going forward, I am ignoring the warning.

I am not sure what the best solution would be.



On Fri, May 22, 2015 at 1:24 PM, Martin Cosgrave <martin at ocretail.com>

>  I've read the whole thread, except I started a few messages in, and the
> last thing I've done is to come back to the first post and actually look at
> the chart in question. I actually don't have a problem with it, as has been
> said you expect marketing types to do that, but at least there at the
> bottom is a clear download link to CE. I couldn't be more pleased that the
> two are presented together. I'm sure that everyone must have had
> experiences similar to mine of knowing that a product has an open source
> version, and struggling to find any mention of it until you find the tiny
> 'Community' link in dark brown on black at the bottom of the page.
> There is certainly no harm in creating a counterpoint page, it could be
> quite tongue in cheek, maybe we can put a lot of red X's next to EE :-P
> A quick side note about Honeycomb, there really is a lot of good stuff you
> guys could contribute, especially if you know puppet or a similar devops
> tool, but if not even just building it and commenting on or modifying the
> configurations we have chosen would be really useful. There are only two of
> us involved in it right now and I've been a bit busy starting a job and
> moving city in the last month or so. I just noticed it was mentioned a
> couple of times in the thread so I guess there is some value there and
> mindshare even if nobody's stepping forward.
> It's a shame the thread spiralled out of control at the end there. At the
> beginning it was really constructive and it's definitely worth going back
> and looking over those bits :-) . However it's obvious there are strong
> feelings on both sides. Personally I feel very strongly that the vandalism
> to the wiki pages which marks all the useful community-oriented
> documentation as obsolete be reverted.
> I thought Ainga's point that we could be more marketing oriented as bees
> was spot on. Perhaps he could step up to the mark on that one, as a bee who
> is also a CEO?
> I like very much Heiko's idea for a common model registry, especially if
> he has some models to donate to it. What a great thing for OOTB to have,
> especially as the model system confuses newcomers to the product, both for
> CE and EE I am sure.
> I really wish we could have a documentation project. To my mind there has
> never been any decent documentation for alfresco, and Jeff's noble efforts,
> which were amazing, were nonetheless stories about how to do certain tasks,
> and stories do not make decent documentation. I suppose this is a common
> conflict for open source companies trying to sell consultancy, or to build
> a partner ecosystem, if the documentation is too good then there will be no
> need for consultants.
> Anyway, great thread really, I actually think that the getting out of
> control bit was probably a misunderstanding, at least as far as I can tell
> re-reading the messages. It's great to know that so many people care about
> the Order. Hopefully we can see a bit more active participation as a result.
> Have a great weekend
> Martin
> On 21/05/15 09:59, Andreas Steffan wrote:
> Hallo everybody,
> I can't help myself, but the CE looks pretty bad at
> https://www.alfresco.com/products/community-vs-alfresco-one to me (red
> all over the place).
> Seriously: Imagine you are a somewhat clueless prospect on that page which
> reads " Ready to get started? Download the edition that is right for you.".
> Would you want to give the CE a try?
> regards
> Andreas
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