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Tahir Malik tahir.malik at contezza.nl
Wed May 6 11:06:43 BST 2015

I don't really mind where the conference is, I'll  see if we can get a place in Amsterdam :).

Second I'm both excited and disappointed at the same time about. Excited that we can set up a great Con by ourselves!
Disappointed that we probably won't have all the Alfresco engineers anymore. I'd love the chats with the engineers.

Hopefully we could still get some of the main speakers at our conference.

Best regards,

Tahir Shazad Malik

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Guys, if you can find a place for 100 geeks (2-3 rooms in sum + hall for coffee breaks and communication) that we can rent for free, then of course. I like Spain :)

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Hi!, Zaragoza is great! (+1)... and Granada? O:-)

Fernando González Ruano

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2015-05-06 11:32 GMT+02:00 Angel Borroy <angel.borroy at keensoft.es>:

Dear bees,

I’m really excited about this idea. I’ve been reading your (expensive) thoughts and it sounds “feasible” :)

How about get some sponsorship from our own companies? From keensoft we could contribute (modestly) to the event…

On the other hand. How about Zaragoza (Spain) for this event? Our city is affordable, well-communicated (1h using a train from Madrid and Barcelona) and we have contact enough with Universities and Local Government to get some support for facilities and organization.

Best regards,

Angel Borroy
email:   angel.borroy at keensoft.es
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