[OOTB-hive] Nomination for Board

Martin Cosgrave martin at ocretail.com
Fri May 1 10:06:12 BST 2015

Hi Torben

Bringing these functions to the community edition of Alfresco would be a 
big win. I've already considered (only from 10,000 feet, not in detail) 
how the first two might be accomplished; my hindrance is that I don't 
know Enterprise so particularly for JMX I'm not sure what it can do, 
although I think we could expose a JMX interface without too much 

Similarly, clustering is something else we should be able to add; I'm 
particularly interested in that. Personally I am starting a new job 
which is not based around Alfresco but does involve devops at scale so I 
expect to be exposed to a number of clustering technologies; I already 
had a vague plan in mind to consider how to apply this new knowledge to 

I think the most appropriate place for this would be the distro 
committee; we can form a working group in that committee to discuss 
these and other enhancements we would like to bring to CE. I will invite 
you to that committee's mailing list now and I look forward to hearing 
any ideas you have.


On 01/05/15 10:51, Torben Lauritzen wrote:
> - Clustering/load balancing
> - JMX administration
> - Workflow designer
> - GUI for the audit log
> The first three are functionality which, for some people, makes the 
> difference between enterprise and community. The latter is my own idea 
> for making the audit log more accessible to end users (admins).

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