[OOTB-hive] [ELECTION] Campaigning

Martin Cosgrave martin at ocretail.com
Thu Jun 11 19:43:07 BST 2015

Right, who from ootb-gov do we need to sack for only giving us 2 days 
notice for campaigning? ;-P Just kidding.

Unfortunately this evening I'm feeling somewhat ill so I don't think I 
can do it justice, but I can try

The interim board did not feel, I think, that we had a mandate for any 
major organisational changes until a real board was elected. I think in 
retrospect we could have decided on the elections earlier. In any case 
if I am elected to the board I will be pushing for a board meeting every 
two months. With a mandate I think the board will be stronger and more 
engaged. That said, I think you should vote the same guys in as before, 
including me :-)

Of course Ole is gone so we would need one more anyway.

And me? I'm a true Alfresco hobbyist, since any of you have known me I 
have never received a penny in payment for doing anything with Alfresco. 
Therefore I think I represent the community in a different way to others.

Also, I managed to get Honeycomb out in time for our anniversary. :-)

Please think carefully about your vote; with so few voting members 
there's a real chance we end up with Jeff on a landslide win and every 
other candidate with a single vote ;-) hopefully we have a contingency 
in that case :-)

Right, early to bed for me, sorry I can't be more effusive :-/


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