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Boriss Mejias tchorix at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 23:56:36 BST 2015

Dear bees,

This email should have been sent like 10 day ago, but it's just a reminder,
so the original timeline keeps going.

The nomination period was closed with the following list of candidates to
the Board (in alphabetic order):

- Axel Faust
- Boriss Mejías
- Heikko Robert
- Jeff Potts
- Martin Cosgrave
- Oksana Kurysheva
- Tahir Malik

The list was kept on this file to review the history in case someone is


The list voting members can be checked on the list of members of the Order
on the website. The voting members has a bee logo attached to their avatar.

The campaigning ends very very soon, on June 11, according to the original
timeline published on January 28. It consist on a single email to the
public list so you won't be bother with SPAM.

The email is sent to everybody because the members that cannot vote, still
have the right to give their opinion and ask questions.

Since I'm candidate, the voting process is going to be handled by Lanre
Abiwon, member of the GOV committee.

That's it for now.
More info soon.
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