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Boriss Mejias tchorix at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 09:21:50 BST 2014

Oh No!, I agreed, too quickly. I was somehow expecting the change of
"anyone can join" to "anyone who wants to contribute can join", so I over
read that part.

So, here is the only change I proposed to the current by-laws text:

Where it says: "Anyone can join our organization. There is no minimum
experience level or expected contribution level to become a non-voting
member of the organization. To become a voting member you will need to
spend time making significant contributions to a committee (see [voting

I'd suggest: "Anyone *who wants to contribute to the community* can join
our organization. *There is no minimum experience level required to join,
so your contribution can be either technical or not*. To become a voting
member you will need to spend time making significant contributions to a
committee (see [voting members][votingEligibility])."

What about that?

aka Bee Mejias

On 11 September 2014 10:08, Boriss Mejias <tchorix at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thanks Jeff for the update,
> Here is a view of the changes:
> https://github.com/OrderOfTheBee/gov/commit/d8582951d33cf0ea685d3d36f399bcbafccd97f6#diff-11bd13a43f97d4350d33cbba9037763a
> I do not completely refuse not to disagree with the position of being
> undecided about the approval or rejection of the proposed and stated
> modifications, and yet, freeing myself by Louis Carroll's influence, I
> declare that I agree with the changes.
> cheers
> Boriss
> On 11 September 2014 04:44, Jeff Potts <jeffpotts01 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I have revised the by-laws per earlier discussion.
>> https://github.com/OrderOfTheBee/gov/blob/master/bylaws.md
>> Oksana, regarding your concern, I removed the requirement for a new
>> member to announce themselves via the list. We don't need to specify how a
>> non-voting member becomes a non-voting member in the by-laws. That's more
>> of a housekeeping issue that can be explained on the web site.
>> I did leave in the part about "anyone can join as a non-member" because
>> that seemed to be the consensus. I added more specific language to that
>> effect so that there is no ambiguity.
>> Richard, regarding your concern, I left the non-Alfresco employee
>> qualification for voting members in place because that seems to be the
>> consensus. We can revisit this in 6 to 12 months after we've lived with
>> this a while. By that time there will be many more voting members and it
>> will be good to get a temperature on the issue at that point.
>> I also did not add any language around general votes beyond what was
>> already there. The by-laws already state that the Board breaks ties which I
>> think is sufficient for now. We do not need to add so much bureaucracy this
>> early in the life of the org. If at some point we decide we need to
>> formalize the escalation procedure from committee vote to general vote to
>> board or something similar, we can do that, but let's not do it now.
>> I added two new qualifications for voting members: (1) you must be an
>> individual (not a group or a company and (2) you must have a verifiable
>> identity (you must not be anonymous or pseudonymous).
>> I also added a "non-commercial" clause which just says that we aren't
>> going to directly sell goods or services. I think there were discussions or
>> questions about that early on.
>> As soon as possible, I would like to have a Google Hangout with the Board
>> members to discuss and ratify these by-laws. As soon as that is done we can
>> work on voting in the first batch of voting members.
>> Jeff
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