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Angel Borroy angel.borroy at keensoft.es
Thu Sep 4 15:36:58 BST 2014

I was just feeling a little bit like Oksana, I’m willing to spend some time on this (taking it from other activities) and I would like to feel the others have the same commitment.

No problem: I would be fine with every policy adopted.
Angel Borroy

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En 4 de septiembre de 2014 en 16:21:29, Richard Esplin (richard.esplin at alfresco.com) escrito:

When growing a community, you want as broad a group of potential contributors  
as possible. If someone chooses to affiliate themselves with the Order, we want  
to accept that opt-in because it makes it easier for us to encourage them to  
contribute now or in the future. Grab the enthusiasm while it is on offer,  
provide a title of "member" (and not much else), and then nurture that person  
into a contributing and voting member.  

Otherwise you will need some type of "interested non-member" status so that  
you can track those interested in the order who haven't yet contributed.  

It sounds like at least part of your goal in membership is to be exclusive--to  
show that you are part of a contributing community. You can still enjoy that  
status as a voting member.  

I think Jeff's proposal that anyone can advertise their membership emphasizes  
our welcoming attitude and makes it easy to participate. But only those who  
have contributed will have the ability to influence the policies and direction  
of the order.  


On Thursday, September 04, 2014 10:04:32 Angel Borroy wrote:  
> I totally agree with Oksana: not everyone should join the Order. In my  
> opinion people have to pay back its membership with some kind of  
> contribution.  
> And if this is so, if everyone shall be accepted, maybe I will reconsider my  
> own membership.  
> Angel Borroy  
> keensoft  

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