[OOTB-hive] [GOV] Draft by-laws

Jan Pfitzner jan at alfrescian.com
Wed Sep 3 12:52:16 BST 2014

first of all: thanks Jeff for writing this down.

>From my point of view, it is OK to allow Alfresco employees to vote. But,
this also opens a way for Alfresco Inc. to undermine the OOTB. As long we
are talking about Alfresco Engineers (& Richard ;-)) I'm sure that they
will respect & support our vision. I wouldn't say the same about general
management, sales ...

2014-09-03 7:17 GMT+02:00 Richard Esplin <richard.esplin at alfresco.com>:

> I really like the draft of by-laws.
> However, I am still concerned by the restriction that prevents employees of
> Alfresco from voting.
> I understand the concern about independence, but I also think it is de-
> motivating that an Alfresco employee could contribute to the Order and not
> be
> able to participate on decisions involving their efforts.
> So I propose a compromise.
> Alfresco employees would vote in their committees, but not in a general
> membership vote. I think anyone actively contributing on a committee
> should be
> treated equally with other members of the committee. But if a committee
> issue
> is impactful enough or divisive enough to require a broad membership vote,
> then Alfresco employees would not participate in that vote.
> This would require removing "committe vote" from the first sentence in the
> section on "Voting Members". The section on "Non-Voting Members" would
> need an
> additional sentence like "Non-Voting Members who are members of committees
> may
> vote equally with other members of their committees on subjects restricted
> to
> the affairs of those committees of which they are a member, but are not
> counted
> in general votes."
> Does this address everyone's concerns?
> Richard
> On Tuesday, September 02, 2014 23:10:39 Jeff Potts wrote:
> > Hi Bees,
> >
> > I've drafted a rough set of by-laws. I am trying to keep it short--it is
> > primarily focused on how we are organized, how board elections work, how
> > voting works, and voting eligibility.
> >
> > https://github.com/OrderOfTheBee/gov/blob/master/bylaws.md
> >
> > A lot of it is repeat from my original "organizing ourselves" email with
> > some feedback from that thread folded in (a longer voting period, for
> > example).
> >
> > The document is purposefully free of mission/vision/strategy statements,
> > specific committee names, or anything that needs to be fungible.
> >
> > I'll give everyone some time to digest this and suggest feedback, then
> when
> > it seems like we're close to something we can agree on we'll put it to a
> > formal vote.
> >
> > I would like to have these ratified before Alfresco Summit so if you have
> > feedback, don't sit on it.
> >
> > Jeff
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