[OOTB-hive] Is the Order working?

Andreas Steffan a.steffan at contentreich.de
Mon Nov 10 16:23:59 GMT 2014

I am somewhat selfish. I want a distribution to run on our and our
customers machines. My main motivations are dev convenience and
stability. The former is the reason I push towards recent community
releases. All CEs I used so far needed some tweaking to settle for me.
Some fixes and some convenience things I apply to every release (e.g.
installing javascript console, logging  tweaks). Dev convenience is
exactly the reason why I personally do not like to work with vms,
vagrant, amps,  puppet etc. Some of those tooling may make sense at
scale. Is also the reason why I try to avoid patching Alfresco sources
directly and put tweaks in extension  code. It is absolutely ok with me
if peoples mileage varies.


On 11/10/2014 03:00 PM, Martin Cosgrave wrote:
> Hi Andreas
> If you have concrete ideas about how the distro should be built then
> perhaps you could mention them in the distro list.
> Reading between the lines, though, it seems to me that you think
> distro should be a bugfix track of the 5.0.x releases and you've
> previously said, if I remember correctly, that you aren't interested
> in contributing to a 4.2.f distro. I'm not sure that many others will
> agree that we shouldn't support 4.2.f with our distro and my personal
> preference would be to wait until 5.0.x stabilises (i.e. coincide with
> the 5.0 enterprise release) precisely to avoid having to fix bugs in
> the 5.0.x track. However this is all up for discussion in the distro list.
> The last visible activity in the distro list was when I asked members
> to comment on which addons they thought should be included in the
> distro. I had one useful response about what might be termed "learning
> templates", i.e. sample webscripts, behaviours, actions etc., which I
> think will be useful for our "tryout" VMs which we can spin up on
> demand as well as being a variant of distro. The collection of addons
> distributed with distro is something which the wider community
> probably has a view on so I'm going to ask the question again in a
> separate post to the hive list.
> To sum up regarding activity in distro, I think the situation is as
> follows
>  1. Collect a basic list of addons to include in the bee distro
>  2. Add these to the vagrant/puppet build
>  3. Crucially, write at least 2 or 3 tests per addon to prove that
>     each has installed correctly without breaking Alfresco
>  4. Build the tests into the vagrant/puppet build
> At that point we will be ready to tag the git tree with something like
> "DISTRO_001_42F", and then I envisage the install process being to
> clone the git tree at that tag and to run a script which will apply
> the puppet configuration to the running server. Of course at this
> point we would also be able to provide a packer-built image for
> deployment to VMware, AWS, etc.
> After the putative DISTRO_001_42F tag we could support the 5.0.x track
> by changing some config in the puppet setup, reviewing the build and
> fixing any issues arising, then tagging e.g. DISTRO_001_50B. We'd
> obviously need branches at those tag points too, for ongoing bugfixes.
> I would love to hear anyone's feedback, positive or negative,
> regarding the above scheme.
> Thanks
> Martin
> On 08/11/2014 12:41, Andreas Steffan wrote:
>> I hate to say it, but I don't think so. Could be that I am just missing
>> signals, but if they are there, I bet other people miss them as well and
>> that is bad.
>> I still think the Order is a good thing, but it needs some adjustments.
>> I think we need to realize that we have less workforce than expected and
>> initial structures may be way too big. Take distro (which I am part of)
>> as an example. Working with virtual machines, multiple versions of
>> alfresco and amp files is about the biggest start I can think of. Its
>> not bad per se, but I feel its pretty oversized for a start.
>> I am personally still willing to contribute but contribution has to fit
>> in my day to day work. It needs to be quick and easy. Take the 5.0.b
>> solr race as an example. It was a quick fix I would have contributed if
>> I knew how to do it quickly.
>> regards
>> Andreas
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