[OOTB-hive] [GOV] Thoughts

Martin Cosgrave martin at ocretail.com
Fri Aug 22 20:13:06 BST 2014

On 22/08/14 20:22, Richard Esplin wrote:
> I read most of the list, and skimmed the rest. Exciting times!
> I had a few thoughts that I wanted to share. Rather than lots of short emails,
> I'll group them together.
> * Voting Window: Jeff proposed a 48 hour voting window. I think that is too
> short. It is too easy to go 2 days without checking the mailing list. I
> propose a 3 day window, maybe 4.
I agree with this, personally it's easy to miss a few days, I would go 
with a 7 day window.

> * Alfresco Employees Voting: I think Alfresco employees should be allowed to
> vote. Each is participating for his or her own reasons, and should be able to
> help determine the direction of the Order.
I really like the idea of people from Engineering having input into our 
direction but I really worry about the tendency to self-censor when you 
work for a company and you comment (or vote) about it publicly.

It would also be quite easy for Alfresco to fill The Order with members 
who had a vote and then at a crucial moment, coerce all those members to 
vote in the company's interest.

In my opinion the separation between Alfresco employees and non 
employees should remain.

> * Alfresco Certified Partners Voting: I think employees of Alfresco Certified
> Partners should be allowed to vote and participate as any other member of the
> Order. It is in the Order's best interests to encourage full participation
> from as many certified partners as possible.
I see no problem with employees of partners having a vote. If we as an 
organisation detected any collusion in voting, either in favour of the 
partner, or in favour of Alfresco, I think the board would need to 
investigate it and possibly take steps to remove the offending parties 
from the organisation.

> * Closed Source Add-ons: I dislike the idea of promoting closed source add-ons
> to Community Edition. Using a closed source license makes it harder to
> collaborate as a community. I would rather leave that to the official Alfresco
> Channel, or to each Order member in their paid employment. Full disclosure: I
> am regularly accused of being a free/libre software zealot.
+1 from me. I think we should exclude them. We might even want to pick a 
specific licence.

> * Names: Alfresco's trademark guidelines are out of date, and need to be
> clarified for community use. However, regardless of Alfresco's official policy, I
> think it is best to keep official OOTB names distinct from Alfresco. The Order
> can use subtitles like "Order of the Bee: An Alfresco Professional
> Organization" to clarify the relationship. Then it can evolve as the Order
> does. And for the record, I vote for the distribution being called
> "Honeycomb".

"Order Of The Bee: Buzzing about Alfresco"

I quite like "Honeycomb", too.


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