[OOTB-hive] platform ideas

Heiko Robert heiko.orderofthebee.info at ecm4u.de
Wed Aug 20 13:35:03 BST 2014

sorry for my spam today but this is my last input for today - I need to 
work ;-)

to make it easier to collect and organize our work/knowledge/todos I 
would prefer a comined platorm like redmine (tickets, formus, wiki, 
version control). A pure mailing list is not that functional and may 
scare interested parties which are not developers. We have very good 
experience with redmine and one of the very good features is the mail 
handling. I could create and host an instance on our servers if of interst.

Of course it is always good to eat the own dog food but for _now I don't 
see a real use case for running an Alfresco instance. We spent a lot of 
work in integrating Alfresco into our market backend but I would not do 
this again because it is a lot of work without real benefit / the toc is 
to high. But if the ootb team decides there is a need I'd happy to host 
an appliance instance on our servers.

For long term I think it is of importance that all services are managed, 
controlled, maintained and audited only by internal team members and 
that every kind of conflict of interest should be avoided. So every 
'private' solution of hosting which is not transparent should be seen as 
a short term temporary solution. German partners have a history in this 
and I can tell stories about that ...

irq chat
to use #alfresco is fine but I can't see why to discuss OTTB stuff 
there. I see this channel for technical questions. So I vote for using 
the mailing list (or what else is used in future) for discussing any 
ootb related stuff or to create a separate channel.


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