[OOTB-hive] Tweets scheduled for @orderofthebee for the next few weeks

Bindu Wavell bindu at wavell.net
Mon Aug 18 02:45:36 BST 2014

Wow, this is super cool!   

-- Bindu

On August 17, 2014 at 7:40:00 PM MDT, Jeff Potts <jeffpotts01 at gmail.com> wrote:I have scheduled some tweets to go out from @orderofthebee over the next three weeks.I created tweets for each of the major sub-projects as well as general tweets. Two sub-project tweets will be sent each week (one Tuesday, one Thursday) with a general tweet going out on Friday. All tweets will be sent at 09:00a US/Central to cover most of the US and most of Europe.  Please watch for these and re-tweet them, or set up your own schedule to re-tweet them. The tweets are as follows: WEEK ONE Tu, 8/19, 09:00: Alfresco CEO Doug Dennerline gives a thumbs up to the Order of the Bee during Q&A. See full vid at http://ow.ly/Aq7RW Th, 8/21, 09:00: Using #Alfresco Community Edition in production? Tell us your story and help others do the same http://ow.ly/Aq8af Fr, 8/22, 09:00: We want to see #Alfresco CE stay free for everyone. Forever. Join the cause! http://ow.ly/Aq9aC  WEEK TWO  Tu, 8/26, 09:00: A patched, amp'd version of #Alfresco Community Edition? Yup, we're working on it http://ow.ly/Aq8jw Th, 8/28, 09:00: Got a favorite #Alfresco Add-On? We want to know about it http://ow.ly/Aq8vi  Fr, 8/29, 09:00: An open community in support of #Alfresco free from commercial interests. Join us! http://ow.ly/Aq9iC WEEK THREE  Tu, 9/2, 09:00: It can be hard finding a good prof svcs firm to work on #Alfresco CE. We can help http://ow.ly/Aq8HW  Th, 9/4, 09:00: Live #Alfresco servers for public testing & experimentation coming soon! Feel free to help us out! http://ow.ly/Aq8XOFr, 9/5, 09:00: Of course you can run #Alfresco Community Edition in production. We can help. http://ow.ly/Aq9r4  Obviously we'll be issuing ad hoc tweets when the need arises, but having these in the schedule will keep our handle active and fresh.  If you have any ideas for tweets we could add to the queue let me know. Jeff      
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