[OOTB-hive] Donations / Sponsors etc

Martin Cosgrave martin at ocretail.com
Sun Aug 17 12:05:06 BST 2014

Making money for our own organisation is a thorny issue. We would need 
to be very wary of conflicts with employers of our members. It needs to 
be considered carefully.

In the short term it would have to be some kind of sponsorship, but it 
would need to be totally without strings.

I think we should at least put up a "Donate" button on the site, but 
maybe remove the "blackjack and hookers" bit, or at least not put the 
donate button anywhere near there ;-)

On 17/08/14 12:47, Ole Hejlskov wrote:
> If we start taking donations/sponsors and they are allowed to expect or demand certain fixes, then we in fact just become an organisation that does bug fixes for money.
> This might not be a bad thing, it is certainly a way to drive in the money we need for our activities, but we need to be very clear and transparent about it.
> In my opinion, sponsors/donations should not be allowed to demand a specific bug fix, but rather have the money go towards general improvements and supporting our efforts in the order, or should they?

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