[OOTB-hive] List of questions for Office hours - next Firday

Boriss Mejias tchorix at gmail.com
Fri Aug 8 15:40:21 BST 2014

Dear fellow bees,

Following Ole's initiative, I'll try to sum up a list of questions we have
for Doug next office hours. The idea is that we give them priority due to
the time constraint. From our discussions, I see four main topics ordered
by priority. I'll name them so that we can discuss about them by its name:

Peter Löfgren (Loftux) promise request on community edition:
"I'm therefore looking for a Community promise from Alfresco Software Inc.
- Any features/functionality available today will remain available
- Any features/functionality available today will remain on par with
- Any new features/functionality added to Community will be bound by the
Community Edition promise”

What happens with the Alfresco Software Inc.'s Community team? Will they
hire someone else? Why has the Chief Community Officer role disappeared?
Richard does a great job but it is obviously too much work for only one
person. Some concrete examples: much less TTLs, this is the first office
hours since May.

What will happen with the support to the local communities? When we
organised meetups. Can we invite Alfresco engineers to give talks, with
their participation being sponsored by Alfresco Inc?

The idea is to present the Order of the Bee to Doug, and sum it up with two
- Be a driving force to organize and promote the Alfresco Community, where
members are people working and using Alfresco regardless the software
- Guarantee the existence of Alfresco Community edition as a free/libre
open source solution for document management
Given that, what is his opinion of Alfresco engineers willing to be part of
the order? what is his opinion about Alfresco partners willing to be part
of the order

Feedback is welcome regarding the questions, adding new questions, changing
the priority, and also regarding the two objectives I put for the order.

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