[OOTB-hive] Status update

Jeff Potts jeffpotts01 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 4 20:59:40 BST 2014

> The link to the current version of the website: http://ootb.ossportal.org/
Tried to hit this but it is 404.

> At this moment it's plain HTML. We can move it to Drupal, but it means we
> need a database and all. We created an organization at Github and created a
> repo for a website. While we use plain-text HTML it's easier to manage a
> content in this way.

Please, not Drupal. Anything but that. Seriously.

> Should we mention somewhere that "we just start working, so don't worry
> that there is no content"? :)
Agree with Martin, just let the site evolve.

>  Should we add a section for Doug and other Alfresco, Inc managers? Most
> probably, it's worth telling that...
I think this would be helpful for everyone, not just Doug and other
Alfresco managers.

People will want to send requests to add their addon to the list, to
> publish them as verified system integrators.
I am confused about why this site needs to list add-ons when
addons.alfresco.com already exists.

I registered account @bee-order at Twitter. We can select another one if it
> is available.
Agree with Martin's suggestion.

I added Richard as a "Candidate". On the one hand he is our contact in
> Alfresco and active member of the community. On the other hand he works for
> Alfresco and cannot be a member as far as we are "independent". Richard can
> become a "member" after he leaves Alfresco Inc. ;)
A common way to flag people who are involved but not "voting members" would
be to call them "observers".

Any ideas on who we should invite? I thought about inviting all community
> stars (2013, 2014?), but these people are selected by Alfresco Inc. I'm
> afraid it's not that good if we position ourselves as independent group.
The single most important thing that needs to be done before inviting
people or letting people sign up is to define what this group is for in a
way that everyone agrees on. It seems very blurry at the moment. Once
that's clarified and made public, we can start pushing people to the site
to learn more and then they can sign up (or whatever the process is
supposed to be).

Who is ready to work on the first activity? It's very important but looks
> very difficult for me. And what about Alfresco OOTB edition? Who is ready
> to update the text on the website for this point and start working on it?
I agree with Cristina that a coordinating call of some sort would go a long

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