[OOTB-hive] New Order of the Bee Board

Boriss Mejias tchorix at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 23:28:19 BST 2018

Dear Bees,

As you all know we had our Board elections this year, a process that
finished by the end of June. We had 85% of participation from the voting
members, which certainly validates the new Board. The results were already
announced on the "voting list", but we still needed to make the
announcement on this public list.

This is our new Board:

- Axel Faust
- Daren Firminger
- Douglas C. R. Paes
- Mikel Asla
- Younes Regaieg

Congratulations to them!

The list is published in alphabetic order. If you want to know the details
of the voting, please check here:


Votes are available for review here:


The new Board has already held their first meeting, and they will soon send
some information to us. I encourage all the bees to recharge the batteries
and help the Board to achieve their initiatives to continue making this
community a great place to collaborate.

Thanks to all and have a nice day.
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