[OOTB-hive] New board - now what?

Younes REGAIEG y.regaieg at gmail.com
Mon Aug 27 16:01:31 BST 2018

Dear fellow bees,

A while back, the results of the last board election were announced
<https://goo.gl/MtftC6> on the public list. Since then, the new board has
held multiple meetings where we have been discussing our views on the past,
present and future of the Order. The board is in agreement that in order to
move forward in sustainable way we will need to have more widespread
involvement and engagement from all fellow bees. At this stage this
involves as much discussing any ideas you have or planning new
initiatives/projects as much as the actual execution of them.

In order to facilitate discussions and collaborations, we have had some
ideas that we are going to suggest on this mailing list in the near future,
but here are the cliff notes:


   Some aspects of our structure seem to be dysfunctional and we are
   considering a review & modifications to our bylaws
   <https://goo.gl/Xe6m9n> addressing them, i.e. the use of permanent
   committees or the requirements / process for new members to join or be
   granted voting rights (effectively, only 4 users did gain voting rights
   since our inception)


   We have been looking into improvements to our internal communication and
   bringing various services together, which has led us to create a Discord
   server <https://goo.gl/SG4bke> with a general channel synched with our
   IRC channel, a side-channel for the ootbee-support-tools project, and a
   private channel for the board. We have also been working on integrations
   with services like GitHub, Codacy et al using Webhooks or bridges

   We would like to conduct an open review of the past activities of the
   committees, including input from key members who drove these activities,
   and initiate discussions on the continued existence or changes to
   individual committees

   Bees should not (have to) wait until someone is asking for help - we are
   looking into using Trello <https://goo.gl/K45DWV> to create a public
   task list <https://goo.gl/i2QhUn> from which members can pick to work on
   tasks that have been suggested or add new ones they see as beneficial to
   the Order

As a member of the Order what should you do next?


   First, let’s brainstorm on how we can move forward with the Alfresco
   community in a sustainable way. For that feel free to create new threads /
   reply to this thread on the mailing. Let’s have an open discussion where
   all ideas and initiatives are welcome.

   Join and try out the new Discord server <https://goo.gl/SG4bke> for
   ad-hoc discussions of ideas and generally to keep in touch with other
   fellow bees for more casual discussions

   Feel free to volunteer for any of the open tasks / new tasks on the Trello
   board <https://goo.gl/i2QhUn> or suggest your own ideas. The initial
   tasks we have listed deal with events in the near future:

      Representing the Order of the Bee in the content review committee for

      Participate in the Alfresco Global Virtual Hackathon, suggest project
      ideas and help other participants of the event

Keep buzzing

The members of the board
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