[OOTB-hive] Minutes from yesterday's board meeting

Jeff Potts jeffpotts01 at gmail.com
Fri May 27 14:57:02 BST 2016

Attached are the minutes from yesterday's board meeting. Our next meeting
is June 16. If you have anything you feel needs to be brought before the
board at that time, please contact one of the board members.



Order of the Bee Board Meeting Minutes
26 May 2016

In attendance: Jeff, Oksana, Borris, Martin, Axel

1. BeeCon results and high level lessons learned (Oksana, 10 mins)
    o 160 people
    o Money left over, we will use for next year
    o Need to see an accounting of the BeeCon funds. Oksana to send.
    o We have started talking with Alfresco about collaboration in 2017.

2. “State of the Order” high-level
    o Regular meeting schedule (All, 5 mins)
        o Meet monthly
    o June 16th. Third Thursday. Jeff to schedule.
    o Voting member candidates (All, 5 mins)
        o Need to initiate the voting member process
    o Next election (All, 5 mins)
        o We're late, but we were busy
        o Terms are supposed to be 1 year but we probably need to lengthen
to 2 years
        o Vote on that could happen any time
        o Next election would be when current board is up

3. “State of the Committee” detail round-robin
    o Honeycomb (Marsbard, 10 mins)
        o Flat activity until recently
        o Ad hoc CI for testing
        o About to move to Alfresco 5.1
        o Number of downloads are unsure
        o Could we separate WARs, AMPs, and Automation into three parts?
        o Jeff to take a stab at a roadmap/diagram
    o ADDONS (Axel, 5 mins)
        o Nothing has happened since early last year
        o Would like help reviewing the requirements
        o Addons wiki has a list of backlogged addons. Send an email or
create an issue in github to get started.
        o Reviewers need to familiarize themselves with the current list of
        o Maybe this is something a group could do as part of the
    o Marketing committee
        o Multiple blog posts
        o Successful BeeCon with the help of many people inside and outside
the committee
    o Infrastructure committee
        o Would like to remove free VMWare based infrastructure and replace
with OpenVZ. The reason is that the free VMWare version has limitations
that are hard to deal with. For example, the free version can't talk from
one interface to another.
        o Need to move BeeCon servers to OOTB infrastructure
        o Axel will review the document and will propose to the public group
    o “Reboot” strategy + “trial” periods for “lame duck” committees (All,
20 mins)
        o New members don't know how to get involved
        o Special interest groups could be formed by OOTB members on their
        o Could add areas to the web site to let the special interest
groups edit their sections
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