[OOTB-hive] Call for contribution: Let's build a comprehensive module of bug patches!

Tahir Malik tahir.malik at contezza.nl
Mon Aug 29 10:50:46 BST 2016

I've proposed in the past aswell to create a patch repo under the 
orderofthebee umbrella.
It hasn't been approved yet, so maybe we can get that approved and add 
several contributors to it.

I personally thing an official Orderofthebee Patches sounds more 
appealing than a ecm4u or contezza patches :).

Maybe we can discuss this tomorrow during the Addon meeting?
Patches isn't really part of any committee of the orderofthebee so maybe 
make it part of one?

*From:* Axel Faust
*Sent:* Thursday, August 25, 2016 4:55PM
*To:* Lutz Horn
*Cc:* Ootb-hive
*Subject:* Re: [OOTB-hive] Call for contribution: Let's build a 
comprehensive module of bug patches!
> As the original reporter of that script import API enhancement I am 
> glad this appears still relevant to people, although I don't consider 
> this an actual bug to be patched. A nuisance, yes, which is why I 
> prepared that contribution all these years back and which is also why 
> I included AMD-style module loading in my Nashorn engine module.
> I have updated my example project 
> https://github.com/AFaust/irc-alfresco-patching-samples which I had 
> started after our discussions yesterday to add demonstrations / 
> support of the following concepts:
> - support for configuring Share placeholder values via 
> share-global.properties files
> - support for configuring Share Log4J logging via module-based 
> log4j.properties files
> - support for configuring Share addons in a method consistent with 
> Repository-tier modules (in a structure like alfresco/module/xyz/)
> I have also added a couple of Surf / Aikau related patches for testing 
> purposes (all the above has been tested on 5.1).
> Additionally, I have included the slf4j-log4j bridge JAR in my Share 
> module so I don't have to use neither the awkward Commons Logging API 
> nor any other specific implementation API (I prefer the abstraction 
> SLF4J provides).
> @Lutz: Please have a look if you consider the three "support"-concepts 
> I listed as acceptable for a patch module. Opposed to what we 
> discussed in IRC, I have not yet created PRs for any of this to avoid 
> pushing things some people might feel do not belong in such a patch 
> collection.
> @all: During the discussions on Wednesday we also touched on the 
> possibility that such a consolidated patch addon might be put under an 
> official "Order of the Bee" umbrella, i.e. the main project repository 
> could be placed inside the GitHub OrderOfTheBee organisation. At least 
> I consider all the current activities a part of "figuring out how such 
> a consolidated patch module should work / be maintained".
> 2016-08-25 15:52 GMT+02:00 Lutz Horn <lutz.horn at ecm4u.de 
> <mailto:lutz.horn at ecm4u.de>>:
>     Hi Benjamin,
>     I've added a GitHub issue for your proposal:
>     https://github.com/ecm4u/ecm4u-alfresco-bugpatches/issues/3
>     <https://github.com/ecm4u/ecm4u-alfresco-bugpatches/issues/3>
>     Lutz
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