[OOTB-hive] Call for contribution: Let's build a comprehensive module of bug patches!

Lutz Horn lutz.horn at ecm4u.de
Thu Aug 25 16:14:45 BST 2016

> @Lutz: Please have a look if you consider the three
> "support"-concepts I listed as acceptable for a patch module.

Thank you Axel, I will take a look at your additions.

> @all: During the discussions on Wednesday we also touched on the
> possibility that such a consolidated patch addon might be put under
> an official "Order of the Bee" umbrella, i.e. the main project
> repository could be placed inside the GitHub OrderOfTheBee
> organisation. At least I consider all the current activities a part
> of "figuring out how such a consolidated patch module should work /
> be maintained".

Yes, that's what I think, too. Since we have to start somewhere and use 
some values for groupId and Java package names, the obvious choice for 
me was de.ecm4u.alfresco. But of course we can always move the module to 
OOTB on GitHub and rename everything that hints to specific people or 


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