[OOTB-hive] [INFRA] Virtual Hackathon - Capability of hosting integration/demo environments?

Heiko Robert heiko.orderofthebee.info at ecm4u.de
Mon Aug 22 17:51:16 BST 2016

Hi Axel,

> Ok - so VMWare has no relevant license restrictions and the Windows part
> is only relevant to "us" right, i.e. the people administering the
> infrastructure?

> From your experience, how well would it work if I were to prepare a VM
> with my local VMWare Player (including working on deployment / restart
> scripts and Jenkins / Artifactory integration with help maybe from
> Martin), export it to OVF and then import it into our infrastructure to
> fine tune it with regards to quick setup / DNS / proxy integration?

You could just use VMWare Converter which is able to copy the whole VM
from/to your local format to/from the esxi. This doesn't require any
deep knowlege and is very fast - no need to convert to ovf. I just use
the ovftool since it has similar functionality on command line which is
easier to automate and is supported on linux/osx.

On the other hand: Why not install everything directly on the right
target? Do you already have the VM in place? If not it may be easier to
create a new VM and work in the first steps on the virtual console
(virtual display) until ssh is configured to the VM. The easiest would
be you get vpn access to the VMs internal network. Or we agree on Ubuntu
LTS and I will setup a new VM with SSH access from the vpn.



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