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I am also very concerned about the situation, and believe me: I very
much appreciate what you and the other strong community supporters are
working on. I am sure nobody doubts that you guys are true open source
guys at heart. I really did not mean to offend you. But there is
something clearly wrong here.

A virgin prospect googles "alfresco community vs enterprise", clicks the
top hit and ends up on that page. Now have a look at
in contrast. Don't you agree that your marketing colleagues make the CE
look really bad?

In fact, the reason I brought it up this morning was that my girl friend
Sandra googled exactly that and ended up on that page asking  me: "You
said the Alfresco guys are working on improving the community (edition),
right? That page looks  different." I hated it, but had  to agree. Seems
we are not alone.

And no doubt you guys have not seen a whole lot of community
contributions. The community is still small and there are further
reasons which make code contributions difficult. You Alfresco guys are
working on it, but there is quite a bit of road ahead.


On 05/21/2015 08:03 PM, Gabriele Columbro wrote:
> Hi,
> I have to say I am again very concerned of these discussion and once
> more puzzled by the lack of data driven considerations but a lot of 'i
> have the feeling', 'i think', 'etc etc etc'.
> That page existed on the Alfresco website for years so it's surprising
> to me all this fuzz now. 
> Alfresco is open source and there are strong supporters of it in the
> company so I have to say I feel personally offended by some of the
> unfounded claims done in this thread and in general the most annoying
> thing is this continuous referring to Alfresco as 'them' vs. the
> community being 'us’. How does this leave people like me who are in
> both and working to build a lively collaboration? Do you really want
> to work together to govern this ecosystem or just be the 'opposition’?
> (both very valid positions, but let’s just be clear here).
> My perception might be biased, although all of you know I am an open
> source and community supporter at heart, but I want to just mention a
> couple of data points:
> - until 6 months ago, Richard was the only person looking after the
> community and only from a marketing standpoint. Now we have him to run
> Community as a Product, from Product Management, while a Community
> Marketeer was hired to cover the marketing side
> - until 6 months ago, there was no Developer Platform team, pretty
> much only me developing the SDK in my free time (and BTW other than
> Ole, with very very little contributions): now I run that in PM, Ole
> was hired to help evangelize and bridge, Martin and and engineering
> team are dedicated to it
> - more and more projects are open in jira and welcoming comments and
> with release agility I am trying to also get our codebase to a state
> where a seamless contribution process is possible (on top of having a
> better QA, not worse, on GA releases of Community). This is the trend
> we are trying to set within the new PM organization, all around
> validation and an orchestrated, repeatable feedback process and
> valuing community through different feedback channels (jira, office
> hours, etc)
> - I do sincerely think we (and I mean everyone, no us and them) should
> have built years ago a much more collaborative process to accept
> contributions, which I think it's a key vehicle to have a lively,
> unified and productive community ecosystem. I want to believe this is
> the main reason why almost 100% of the Alfresco code is written by
> Alfresco employees and why instead there's never been substantial
> Community contributions to the core product (other than the HTML5
> previewer, for which Loftux needs to be widely recognized). Honestly
> though, from the lack of help I received over the years on the SDK, I
> also have some doubts on the maturity of this community on the process
> needing to be two-ways (comparing for example with very different but
> much more mature communities I belong to, e.g. The ASF)
> - I would really like to understand where you feel Alfresco is
> becoming less Community friendly? Is that because of AOS? Yes, I
> agree, that was not dealt with in the best way from an expectation
> standpoint, but was a tactical choice rather than indicating a bigger
> change of strategy. The admin consoles? Human mistake, now reverted,
> and solved structurally by adding a Community PM to guard on these
> topics. What else am I missing? Can you please show me some data here
> provide the trend is going in a different direction? (as I said I
> might be biased, as I have access to all the internal WIP strategies
> and but also very familiar with the stress our sales have to cope with
> to sell enough and keep on delivering for free a large amount software
> to the community).
> I guess what I'd like to see here is a more positive spirit, from a
> Community who is receiving for the last 10 years copious amount of
> software, rather than always having this confrontational / entitlement
> sense. I mean if 'we' are so bad, why we are all still here?
> I do think there's room for monetizing Community as well as Enterprise
> and the target audiences are completely different. Don't forget that
> even in Enterprise deals, the slice of services sold around Alfresco
> is typically 3 to 10 times higher, and with Community you guys have
> the opportunity to monetize that fully.
> All I am trying to say is: keep the feedback coming but also keep the
> spirit and attitude up, because there are people that work inside
> Alfresco to build on that spirit and get a better product (Community
> and Enterprise) in a daily basis. 
> For example, I am working a lot to fix the extension model and
> supportability of our APIs so to build a lively ecosystem everyone can
> leverage, and I am trying to be as communicative as possible on this,
> otherwise I fear that if we keep with this disconnect (us vs them),
> the OOTB will go off an build something (e.g. the honeycomb) which is
> based on an obsolete model we all know needs fixing.
> The net net is: help “us” (Alfresco) help us (the Alfresco + Community
> ecosystem)  :) 
> Hope this makes sense to all of you, and comes across the right way,
> as my objective is to have an harmonious collaboration generating a
> dynamo of positive effects (rather than a vicious spiral), if nothing
> else for personal peace of mind in my dual role of Alfresco employee
> and long standing community member :)
> Thanks for taking the time to read this,
> Gab
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> On May 21, 2015, at 9:39 AM, Cristina Martín Ruiz
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> wrote:
>> I'm agree with you, Andreas but when I wrote "to us" was concerning
>> to their strategy: The value of the community has become "us": We are
>> the ones that are continuing and trying to maintain that value... In
>> my opinion, Alfresco is changing a lot their strategy, and I can be
>> agree or not (this is other topic), but what I know is that OOTB is
>> doing a good work in the community of Alfresco.
>> Sorry if I haven't explained well.
>> Cheers,
>> Cristina.
>> 2015-05-21 15:26 GMT+02:00 Andreas Steffan <a.steffan at contentreich.de
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>>     On 05/21/2015 03:18 PM, Cristina Martín Ruiz wrote:
>>>     > ... I don't quite understand/where they are trying to drive CE./
>>>     To US, Andreas ;-)
>>     The product? Really? I thought it's just the conference going to
>>     the US. ;)
>>     May the future enlighten me.
>>     cheers
>>     Andreas
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