[OOTB-hive] May the 4th be with you! Announcement!

Cristina Martín Ruiz cristinamartinruiz at gmail.com
Tue May 5 07:20:45 BST 2015

Good morning, Boriss.

As I´ve mentioned you during the hack a thon: I am in. This idea is really
nice taking in consideration that we won´t have Alfresco Summit in Europe.
So go ahead with that!

I have a lot of questions, like for example: Where we will do, how we
organized, how can we finance this event? Because even if we have sponsor,
we should have some extra money in order to pay the costs, etc.. But I
think that these are normal questions, so I propose you once we know how
many people we are and see what is the approach to follow, we can do one
list with questions and check them. Step by step.

You are the best, man!! ;-)



2015-05-04 23:54 GMT+02:00 Boriss Mejias <tchorix at gmail.com>:

> Dear bees,
> I'm not a fan of Star Wars[*], but May the 4th sounds like a good day for
> announcement such as the following:
> *We are organising the Alfresco Community Meeting!*
> i.e., we are forking Alfresco Summit. May the fork be with you!
> (Oh, I mentioned the "F" word. Sorry Richard)
> Alfresco Inc. decided to organise a single global Summit. One of the main
> argument is that "Alfresco Days" were good enough for a large amount of
> customers that won't be able to travel to Summit. We feel that this is
> terrible for the Alfresco Community, mostly because Alfresco Days are sales
> event, with very little technical value, and the community wants to discuss
> technical stuffs and shared their expertise.
> We discussed the idea within the Board, and we all agreed that we should
> organise a community event. Here are the main ideas:
> *Goal*: Create an event where the Alfresco community can meet and share
> their knowledge.
> *When*: Either September 2015 or March 2016. We don't want to conflict
> with the Alfresco Summit (Nov 2015). This is a reaction of the community to
> the direction the Summit is taken, but it is not a boycott. It's bringing
> an event for the community, which can attend both events if they want to.
> *Where*: There are three ideas: 1. Brussels, 2. Stockholm, 3, Malaga. The
> reason why Brussels is first it's because I'm advancing on having a place
> to host the event with the company I work for.
> *What*: Technical talks, and a hackathon. Which means that we need A LOT
> of volunteers to present and to filter the submissions. This is a CALL FOR
> VOLUNTEERS! The more volunteers we have, the less work for each one.
> *Who:* The Order of the Bee is the main driven force for the organisation
> of the event. But it's an event organised by the community and for the
> community. So, any community member outside the Order is welcome to help
> and attend
> *.*
> *Sponsors: *We will have Honey, Nectar and Pollen sponsors, instead of
> Platinum, Golden and Silver. This is of course an irrelevant joke, but we
> hope to convince Alfresco Inc to give us some sponsoring, specially by
> sending engineers to the event. So, don't abuse the "f" word :D.
> That's it. Feedback, ideas, and volunteers are welcome!
> Cheers
> Bee Mejias.
> aka Boriss
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