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Mon Jun 15 16:41:27 BST 2015

Hi -- I guess I'm not a voting member, but I run the political action
committee ("The Committee to Elect Axel Faust").  Axel's deep dive
technical posts are a great benefit to the community and would like to see
him bring his insight to the board as an elected member.  I also want to
say thank you to all of the nominated candidates since their community
contributions are significant and greatly appreciated.


On Sun, Jun 14, 2015 at 9:14 AM, Axel Faust <axel.faust at prodyna.com> wrote:

>  Hello everyone,
> between an intense on-site engagement and a wedding in my family, this is
> the first chance I get to “contribute” to the campaigning part of the board
> elections.
> Most of you know that I am a very technical-minded person, diving into
> some of the (unexplored?) depths of the Alfresco platform. I very much like
> the platform for its seemingly unending capability to either adjust or be
> molded to the shifting requirements of the business of our customers. Sure,
> there are always some more or less annoying bumps in the road, but at the
> end of the day most of them can be overcome.
> At the moment, most of the time I can muster for the Alfresco Community
> centers around the ADDON committee, answering questions and deleting spam
> on the forums. In the past, I had also started to blog about some of my
> technical forays but time constraints put a not-so-small dent in the plan
> to make this a regular thing.
> “Technical” would also describe some of the items I’d like to advocate for
> / try to address when given the opportunity both as a member of the order
> in general and potentially with a bit stronger voice as a member of the
> board. Alfresco has generally been open to technical contributions / input
> from the community (either open or partner) in the past, but from my
> understanding, the engagement / commitment has either not materialized or
> not been consistent enough from either one or the other party to evolve
> into a kind of formalized / regular thing. Instead of pointing at short
> comings in the past or individuals giving Alfresco employees a hard time,
> I’d like us to step up and take charge by formulating constructive and
> consolidated proposals for i.e. changes in handling issues from the
> community or establishing better feedback loops on planned
> features/architecture changes, and then *continuously and reliably commit*
> the necessary resources on *our* part to back Community-assigned
> responsibilities in the processes we end up after deliberations with
> Alfresco.
> There are other items on the “interesting” column and I very much like the
> fact we are already picking up on the missing Europe summit / Community
> get-together, and plan to do my best to support this becoming a successful
> endeavor.
> Regards
> Axel
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