[OOTB-hive] 5 years of Alfresco Community in production

Ken Geis geis.ken at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 01:06:15 BST 2015

Our brand protection officer thinks that will work. They would like to see what is written before it is posted. If someone wants to add my story to the site, could you loop me in on the pull request for review?


On Jun 2, 2015, at 9:11 PM, Ken Geis <geis.ken at gmail.com> wrote:

> The issue was ALF-2334. Sorry to implicate you on the notification; I didn’t get it because my JIRA profile was tied to an old email address!
> About publishing the story, I think avoiding my institution’s name would resolve the problem. I ran into that before when I accidentally gave a testimonial to a company, and the University told them to take it down or remove the name; the vendor chose to take it down. I’ll ask my resource here, and if that’s all that’s needed, it’d be great if someone else could edit what I wrote to fit into the site and run it by me.
> Ken
> On Jun 2, 2015, at 3:42 PM, Richard Esplin <richard.esplin at alfresco.com> wrote:
>> Great write-up Ken.
>> What is the number of the issue you want reopened? I don't understand why you 
>> didn't get notification when I ran the bulk-close. The permissions on our JIRA 
>> install are a mess at the moment.
>> This sounds like a feature request, which means we don't really have a good 
>> way of tracking it at the moment. I'm not certain that reopening it will be 
>> the right course of action, but I'll know more after I look at it.
>> Also, perhaps you can publish your story as being from "a department in a 
>> leading US University"?
>> Thanks,
>> Richard
>> On Tuesday, June 02, 2015 09:45:33 Ken Geis wrote:
>>> Hi all. I just wanted to share that my office at the University of
>>> California, Berkeley, put Alfresco Community into production five years ago
>>> today!
>>> I work in the Research Administration and Compliance office. We use Alfresco
>>> to store documents (~150K documents, ~130GB, scanned or digital origin)
>>> related to the university’s research proposals, contracts & grants.
>>> Initially, usage was ~30 people in central offices, but a year ago we made
>>> our files visible to researchers and their administrators (total user
>>> population ~2,000, although most are not active). Our records management
>>> group uses Alfresco Explorer, and most other users use a custom interface.
>>> We selected Alfresco for two main reasons:
>>> no per-user licensing fee
>>> openness; we wanted it to be a platform, not just a product
>>> in-house Java experience
>>> We started with 3.3 and are on 4.2 now. We use the Oracle for Alfresco
>>> Community add-on. The system has needed little attention since we
>>> implemented it.
>>> The biggest lacking feature for me is page counts. The PdfPages Aspect
>>> add-on does this for PDFs, but I think Alfresco (the company) should
>>> support this out of the box for PDFs and other content like Word documents.
>>> I just noticed that the issue I filed (in April 2010 😞) about this was
>>> bulk-closed on 3/13/15 because of 5.0, and I was not notified. Richard,
>>> your comment says to re-open issues in this case, but people like us don’t
>>> have permission to re-open (I’d prefer this to re-filing).
>>> One of my recent accomplishments is creating a CAS (Central Authentication
>>> Service, a single-sign-on common in educational institutions) module for
>>> Explorer. This makes it so that instead of using these instructions which
>>> involve editing your web.xml, you just apply the module and add a couple of
>>> lines of configuration to your alfresco-global.properties. I hope to
>>> publish this add-on soon, but I feel like it has little utility to the
>>> community without having a corresponding module for Share.
>>> It’s been a fun ride, and I expect we will be using Alfresco Community (or
>>> perhaps Honeycomb) for years to come.
>>> Ken

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