[OOTB-hive] [GOV] By-laws revised

Jeff Potts jeffpotts01 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 03:44:59 BST 2014

I have revised the by-laws per earlier discussion.


Oksana, regarding your concern, I removed the requirement for a new member
to announce themselves via the list. We don't need to specify how a
non-voting member becomes a non-voting member in the by-laws. That's more
of a housekeeping issue that can be explained on the web site.

I did leave in the part about "anyone can join as a non-member" because
that seemed to be the consensus. I added more specific language to that
effect so that there is no ambiguity.

Richard, regarding your concern, I left the non-Alfresco employee
qualification for voting members in place because that seems to be the
consensus. We can revisit this in 6 to 12 months after we've lived with
this a while. By that time there will be many more voting members and it
will be good to get a temperature on the issue at that point.

I also did not add any language around general votes beyond what was
already there. The by-laws already state that the Board breaks ties which I
think is sufficient for now. We do not need to add so much bureaucracy this
early in the life of the org. If at some point we decide we need to
formalize the escalation procedure from committee vote to general vote to
board or something similar, we can do that, but let's not do it now.

I added two new qualifications for voting members: (1) you must be an
individual (not a group or a company and (2) you must have a verifiable
identity (you must not be anonymous or pseudonymous).

I also added a "non-commercial" clause which just says that we aren't going
to directly sell goods or services. I think there were discussions or
questions about that early on.

As soon as possible, I would like to have a Google Hangout with the Board
members to discuss and ratify these by-laws. As soon as that is done we can
work on voting in the first batch of voting members.

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