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On Fri, Sep 5, 2014 at 5:49 AM, Oksana Kurysheva <okurysheva at gmail.com>

> And you know the best practices of Alfresco customization and development
> and can vote for the more correct decision.

A vote isn't needed for this. Simple discussion and advice are sufficient.

> Developers of supportable (paid) add-ons should not be a part of a group
> of members who select add-ons for our collection and so on.

Developers of a specific paid add-on, Widget A, should not vote during an
issue that concerns adding Widget A to the list. They can simply abstain.
That is a LOT different than the issue of whether or not employees are
eligible to vote at all.

> Someone who is very active developing add-ons and writing posts is a
> valuable Alfresco community member. And if they choose to show their
> support for us they are a valuable non-voting member of the Order. But if
> they aren't putting time in on a committee they would not become a voting
> member. That's not a bad thing, it's just how it works.
> Alfresco community contribution and the Order contribution is too close
> sometimes. If a person develops an add-on for Alfresco that works on
> Honeycomb, then he contributes to the Order. If a person translates
> Alfresco to his native language, and we include the translation to the
> Honeycomb, can he vote? There can be people who help us without being a
> part of any committee. And in the same time there will be people in the
> committees who just post several "+1" in committees' discussions. Are they
> active members?

I don't know what an "active member" is. There are voting members and
non-voting members. If Jane Smith, for example, only posts several +1's in
committee discussions and makes no other form of contribution, when Jane
Smith is brought up for a vote, which I doubt she would be because of her
lack of contributions in the first place, my personal vote would be -1. The
rest of the voting members can make their own value judgement as to whether
or not a bunch of +1's constitute significant contributions to the Order.

> Order doesn't work on Honeycomb edition development only. There are a lot
> of activities that are not relate to it. We are not an elite club with 5
> voting members. On the one hand you say "anyone can join", but on the other
> hand you want to say "working on Alfresco localization? You don't put your
> time in on a committee, you are not an active members and cannot vote". A
> little bit strange, no?

I am unsure of the point you are trying to make here.

> I fully support an idea that Ole and Boriss mentioned yesterday about the
> membership. If you are willing to contribute (to Alfresco Community or to
> the Order) - you are welcome. "The order is not a replacement for the
> Alfresco Community, it’s an addition to coordinate efforts. If you like
> our work and want to show your support? Follow us on twitter, buy some
> t-shirts, beers etc."

I do not know what the proposed change would be to what I am proposing.
When I read the comments from Ole and Boriss I interpreted them as general
agreement with my position.

I feel like we are all starting to repeat ourselves a bit and we should
therefore move toward some sort of action. I will update my draft of the
by-laws to reflect where I think we are and then we can discuss whether
they can be put into effect in their entirety or whether there are parts
that should change. On this next go around, I think we need to move to
specific alternative proposals to the drafted language rather than debating
and discussing at the conceptual level.

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