[OOTB-hive] What a great Summit!

Boriss Mejias tchorix at gmail.com
Sun Oct 12 20:05:37 BST 2014

Dear bees,

Thanks for the great Alfresco Summit we had! It has been much better than
what I have expected and we have created a great opportunity to build
something important. We are just starting, but we have gained huge momentum
now. We can't miss this chance, we can't let the buzz fade away.

I'm going to ask you to give a little extra effort from now until the end
of the year to concrete the ongoing tasks so that we can consolidate the
Order of the Bee.

OK, that was the message I wanted to give you on this email. You are
allowed to stop reading now. If you have some more minutes you can read my
impression of the summit :-)

*The keynotes*: I remember that I was disappointed in Summit 2013 because
the words "community" and "open source" were practically axed from all
keynotes (except from Jeff's speech). This year, both concepts were
included in each keynote, and the speakers spent time to convinced us that
Alfresco Software Inc hasn't forgotten about it. Of course, this is what we
need to monitor to see that it is true, but at least we got them to think
and talk about it again. We are changing things.

The Q&A session was the best part of it, with Luis Sala's introduction
calling the Order of the Bee to make some noise, and the spontaneous
reaction from a large part of the public really lifted my spirit. At that
moment I realized that we made it! Afterwards came the question about the
Order, to which the management team gave public support to the Order.

*Our lightning talk*: I'm really glad I could present it. It made a huge
different having a slot to officially be present at the Summit. I'd like to
thank Richard and Oksana for helping me with the presentation,

*At the pub*: Having the first meeting on Tuesday at the pub was very
important to clarify some ideas and get the people know each others better.
The bee party on Thursday was a hit! Too bad I missed it, but from what I
heard it was really good. An important plus was the presence of John Newton
and two Alfresco VPs, specially because they acknowledged their will to
attend on stage during the Q&A session. Since Alfresco finally sponsored
the party, we should mentioned that somewhere. We know reward is important.
Thanks Richard for coordinating that invitation and sponsoring.

*The t-shirts*: This was another important thing. Having the logo exposed
so many times to the eyes of the attendees to the conference help us to
show that we are not just a core group people of geeks trying to be geeker.
Having the logo on the slides of other presentations was also excellent. It
gave more weight to the Order. I believe with did a consistent marketing
that worked.

Those are the things I remember while writing this email. I'm sure there
were other things that went well that escape at the moment.

Thanks again to all the bees.
Keep the Buzz
Boriss Bee Mejias
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