[OOTB-hive] Addons for the distro

Heiko Robert heiko.orderofthebee.info at ecm4u.de
Wed Nov 12 16:00:51 GMT 2014

I would prefer a way that let the enduser choose. means: the addons are 
packaged or dynamically downloaded but applied by user choice on startup 
or at least could easily reverted/removed.
We follow this practice with our appliance because some modules are a no 
go for some companies (e.g. googledocs integration) but others like it.

model designer: I like the idea of the module but I won't encourage 
unexperienced users to use it. We had to recover systems where customers 
played with this module because Alfresco isn't designed to change the 
model as the user expects - it too easy to break the whole system. This 
is not the problem of the beCPG model designer but if we expose this 
functionallity to the UI bad things may happen...


Am 12.11.2014 um 15:49 schrieb Jeff Potts:
> Martin,
> How "permanent" is the decision to include a particular add-on in the 
> distro? Or, put another way, what is the impact on future distro 
> releases? For example, if we decide to include a particular add-on, 
> and then it is later made obsolete or redundant by functionality that 
> Alfresco puts into the core, are we going to end up "supporting" 
> something that is no longer needed? The model designer is what 
> triggered this thought, but of course that is just one example.
> Jeff

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