[OOTB-hive] IMPORTANT Repositories on Github

Oksana Kurysheva okurysheva at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 20:07:20 BST 2014

Dear bees,

I created new repo in our Github organization:

All members of the Order should have access to this repository. I sent
invitations to those of you, who mentioned their Github accounts in their
profile on the website. If you want to have access, but you didn't get an
invitation, please contact me directly or create an issue in Github issues.

The first file in the repository is our list of committees and members. So
if you want to join some committee, just add your name to the list.

Also I created empty repositories for all other committees. Members will be
added manually after we form lists of members. We may already move specific
discussions to Github Issues. For example, add-ons can be discussed at
It helps to reduce the number of emails in this mailing list and in our
mail clients. I think all of us will be happy with it.

Best regards,
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